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Introducing Bioniq PRO: The Future of Personalized Supplements

A Personalized Approach to Optimal Wellbeing

London, UK / Sep 25, 2023 / Bioniq

At Bioniq, we offer highly customized supplements that cater to a distinguished clientele, including World Cup champions, Olympians, elite athletes, recording artists, royal families, and CEOs. These individuals, who place a premium on their health, understand the importance of precision in managing their well-being. However, our commitment to delivering hyper-personalized supplements isn’t limited to them alone. We extend the same level of precision to health enthusiasts worldwide through our market-leading range of products. Now YOU can get the best support for your health with Bioniq!

After a decade of pioneering work in the field of personalized health and nutrition, we’re thrilled to unveil our rebranding. We’ve improved our science, our packaging, and the positive impact we can make on the health of our members.

Introducing Bioniq PRO – the world’s most personalized supplements. Based on your blood data – backed by over 4 million biochemical data points.


Transformation Powered by Our Revolutionary Algorithm

We take your health personally, and our relentless quest for improvement has led to continuous improvement of our science.

Over the past 10+ years, Bioniq has amassed a robust database made up of more than 3 million biochemical data points. Fueled by this market-leading dataset, the Bioniq algorithm enables us to provide cutting-edge personalization and precision in supplement dosing. The Bioniq database encompasses blood testing carried out across multiple continents,  and encompasses a diverse gene pool. Unique in the field of personalized nutrition, we can take into account an individual’s height, weight, age, lifestyle, health goals, as well as real data about their nutritional status, to precisely identify their micronutrient imbalances and create a 100% tailor-made supplement formula to help them optimize their health.

The level of personalization in supplement formulas we can deliver is now 200,000 times higher than other supplement brands. Our flagship new product, Bioniq PRO, makes the world’s highest-precision supplements accessible to health enthusiasts around the world.

A New Experience For Health Enthusiasts Around the World – Bioniq PRO

Evolving our flagship brand from Bioniq LIFE to Bioniq PRO is more than a name change; it represents our commitment to provide the ultimate personalized supplements, tailored just for you. 

With Bioniq PRO you get MORE:

MORE Precision

The more data points we add to our database, the better our precision becomes – allowing us to safely provide higher and more accurate dosages of key nutrients. This means we can now enable our members to achieve optimum nutritional levels by offering them higher dosages at an earlier stage of their Bioniq journey. Bioniq PRO truly ensures the highest degree of personalization to help our members achieve their health goals.

MORE Options

Bioniq PRO offers you the option to start your wellness journey either by booking a blood test through Bioniq or uploading a recent blood test report. This data allows us to get a thorough understanding of your current nutrient status, then identify imbalances and address them by providing you with a 100% tailor-made daily supplement formula. Because you can do your blood testing anywhere in the world, we’re able to create tailor-made supplement formulas for everyone, everywhere.

MORE Personal Support 

As part of your PRO membership, you’ll receive a video-enabled nutritionist consultation every time you submit a new blood test. With this personal support, you’ll get a full understanding of your blood results and their implications, as well as personalized diet and lifestyle recommendations to help you achieve your health goals.

MORE Nutrients

Because our data shows how important it is for our members to supplement with Omega-3, every batch of your personalized supplements will include free Omega 3 soft capsules. These are available in Fish Oil or Vegan, to fit your preference.

MORE Modernity

Just as our science has evolved, so has our packaging. We’ve spent time with our members to understand how their Bioniq supplements fit into their daily routines, and have designed our new reusable packaging based on these insights. You’ll receive a Starter Pack with two high quality metal canisters to store your supplements in at home. Plus a Refill pack delivered every three months to top them up.

You’ll also receive our new, super-agile travel canister, ensuring you stay on track taking your supplement formula  when you’re on the go.


Healthy is the new sexy. And for those who demand nothing but the best in precision health support, Bioniq PRO offers an unmatched formula to help you look and feel your best. Join us in this exciting new chapter as we continue to redefine the boundaries of personalized health and nutrition.

About Bioniq

Bioniq, launched in 2019 in London, UK, is the industry leader in offering personalized supplements based on blood test data. After conducting years of testing, Bioniq has now developed one of the largest and most genetically-diverse biochemical databases by operating in 12 countries across North America, Europe, Middle East and Asia. We have created unique formulas for over 40,000 users that incorporate components and dosages tailor-made to each individual’s nutrient deficiencies, as identified through their blood results.

Bioniq is backed by some of the leading European investment funds, including HV Capital (DE) and Unbound (UK).

Press Contact Anthony Cirino
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