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Introducing the Evolve Series: Plunge Launches Four New Product Offerings in Greater Effort to Make Cold Water Immersion Accessible to All

Transformative Cold Plunge Solutions Designed to Cater to Diverse Lifestyles and Preferences

Lincoln, CA / Apr 10, 2024 / Plunge

Plunge, the leading innovator in home and spa wellness solutions, today announced the launch of its Evolve Series – four new products that make cold water immersion powered by their leading technology more accessible. These new offerings, which include an inflatable cold plunge tub and a compact chiller, aim to provide an easy and customizable entry point for individuals looking to explore the transformative benefits of cold water immersion in 2024.

“We’ve integrated the cutting-edge technology and design features of the Plunge All-In into our latest collection, offering the same ultra-fast cooling power, easy-access filter, and smart tech as our top-of-the-line unit,” explained Michael Garrett, Co-Founder, and Co-CEO of Plunge. “The PlungePure™ Pro Chiller, specifically, elevates the cold plunge experience, rendering it not only more accessible but also more enjoyable from virtually any location.”

The four new additions to the product portfolio come off the heels of two highly successful product launches in 2023: the Plunge All-In and the Plunge Sauna. With the goal of identifying ways to grow the cold plunge community, offering an assortment of products to ultimately ladder up to their award-winning cold plunge remained a focus for Plunge.

The new offerings in this Evolve Series include:

1. PlungePure™ Pro Chiller

Plunge Evolve Chiller

– $3,499

  • This iOT-enabled, modular core chilling and filtration system is compatible with all Evolve models, ensuring optimal performance and convenience for users seeking advanced cold therapy technology.
  • Made from Plunge’s signature white acrylic and featuring their angled design, this chiller stands out from the crowd but blends in seamlessly.
  • A new, variable speed makes this chiller 30% quieter than the competition.
  • The powerful 1HP chiller boasts improved performance while using only 33% of the energy of the previous iteration of the Pro chiller.

2. Ice Bath Pop-up

Plunge Pop up

– Tub only: $150
– Tub + Chiller: $3,490

  • The entry-level, portable, and affordable Plunge Pop-up is perfect for individuals looking to experience the benefits of cold plunges without the need for permanent installation.
  • DIY your plunges with ice, or simply connect to our optional PlungePure™ Chiller to keep it icy cold and clean on demand.
  • The purchase of the pop-up comes with a store credit that can be used towards the purchase of another Plunge unit in the future, allowing individuals to enter the world of cold water immersion for free.

3. Plunge Air

Plunge Air

– Tub only: $1,190
– Tub + Chiller: $4,490

  • The inflatable, portable Plunge Air, easily transportable in its accompanying backpack, is ideal for events or social gatherings, providing a unique and refreshing experience for users on the go.
  • Made using drop-stitch technology and UV-resistant nylon, this Plunge is light on weight and heavy on durability.

4. The Plunge Evolve XL

Plunge Evolve XL

– Tub only: $3,690
– Tub + Chiller: $6,990

  • The premium, feature-rich model for home use offers unparalleled comfort and functionality now powered by Plunge’s new and more advanced PlungePure™ Chiller.

Co-Founder and Co-CEO Ryan Duey shared his vision for the impact of these new products, saying, “We’re always aiming to stay ahead of the curve in the cold plunging experience, with our pursuit of making it accessible to everyone. Our ladder of product offerings allows for a scalable journey: start with the basics like the Plunge Air and progress to advanced tools like the Evolve XL and PlungePure™ Pro Chiller as you evolve in your cold plunging practice.”

The Plunge Evolve Series is now available for purchase in the U.S. at

About Plunge

Plunge is dedicated to pushing limits through extreme temperature exposure. The company’s smart design offers the Cold Plunge tub with crystal clear, 37° water on demand, empowering users to experience incredible health benefits. Now, with the introduction of the PlungePure™  Pro Chiller, Plunge continues to lead the way in providing innovative solutions for cold water immersion. The Plunge Sauna, complementing the signature cold plunge, creates contrast therapy for improved blood circulation, reduced inflammation, and enhanced healing.

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