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Iron House Design Celebrates Inclusion in the Prestigious Architectural Design PRO Directory

Revolutionizing Fitness and Wellness Spaces: Iron House Design Leads with Innovation and Expertise in Home Gym Design

Alpine, NJ / Mar 3, 2024 / IRON HOUSE DESIGN

Iron House Design, a trailblazer in the realm of luxury fitness and wellness spaces, proudly announces its recent acceptance into the esteemed Architectural Design PRO Directory, marking a significant milestone as the first gym design firm to be included among the vetted list of architects, interior designers, landscape architects, and specialty designers. This recognition underscores Iron House Design’s commitment to excellence, innovation, and the seamless fusion of functionality with luxury in gym and wellness space design.

Founded over a decade ago by Tanya and Jim Ryno, Iron House Design has set the gold standard in creating bespoke fitness environments that cater to an elite clientele, ranging from celebrities to high-profile government officials. The firm’s dedication to crafting spaces that not only meet but exceed the aesthetic and functional expectations of such distinguished clients has positioned Iron House Design at the forefront of the industry.

A Testament to Excellence and Innovation

The inclusion of Iron House Design in the Architectural Design PRO Directory is a testament to the firm’s innovative design approach, meticulous attention to detail, and unparalleled expertise in the niche of luxury gym design. “Being recognized by such a prestigious directory is not just an honor; it’s a validation of our team’s hard work, creativity, and the unique vision we bring to every project,” says Tanya Ryno, founder of Iron House Design.

Serving an Elite Clientele and Industry Partners

Iron House Design’s esteemed portfolio showcases a wide array of projects that cater not only to celebrities and high-profile government officials but also serve as a pivotal resource for architects, builders, and fellow interior designers. Their collaborations across these sectors underscore their versatility and ability to adapt their design expertise to a variety of client needs, making Iron House a preferred partner for those looking to integrate sophisticated fitness solutions into their projects. By working closely with industry peers, we extend our reach, bringing bespoke gym and wellness spaces to a broader audience without compromising on the personalized touch that defines our work. Each project reflects our commitment to excellence, marrying functionality with luxury to create unparalleled fitness environments.

Looking Forward

As Iron House Design continues to push the boundaries of gym and wellness space design, its acceptance into the Architectural Design PRO Directory marks the beginning of a new chapter. The firm is not only committed to maintaining its status as an industry leader but is also exploring innovative avenues to share its expertise more broadly. Recognizing a gap in the market, Iron House Design is currently investigating the potential of creating an Iron House Home Gym Design Certificate. This initiative aims to address the need for comprehensive training in the art and science of gym design, beyond the mere placement of equipment. Iron House Design’s approach goes far beyond equipment layout, encompassing the entire design of the space from floors, walls, and ceilings to lighting and beyond, offering a holistic view of what a home gym can be. By potentially offering this certification, Iron House Design seeks to elevate the standard of home gym design, sharing its wealth of experience in creating spaces that are not just functional but are transformative wellness environments.


Founded by Tanya and Jim Ryno, Iron House Design is a premier gym design firm specializing in luxury fitness and wellness spaces for an elite clientele. With a focus on innovative design, functionality, and bespoke solutions, Iron House Design creates spaces that promote health, well-being, and aesthetic excellence. From concept to completion, Iron House Design is dedicated to transforming visions into reality, setting new standards in the world of home gym design. Learn more at

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