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JUNK Brands Picks Up New License: Major League Soccer

JUNK Brands announces a groundbreaking partnership with Major League Soccer (MLS). Following a season that generated significant momentum, MLS aims to further expand its global reach and build on its foundation of passion for players and fans. The partnership with JUNK Brands offers fans a collection of headbands that symbolize performance, style, and energy, available at

Bentonville, AR / Feb 22, 2024 / JUNK Brands

JUNK Brands, a leader in performance headwear is thrilled to announce a groundbreaking partnership with Major League Soccer (MLS).

Coming off a transformational 2023 season which has created enormous momentum, MLS continues to bring the thrill of soccer to fans across the globe. Now, as this is the dawn of a new era as the eyes of the world will in many ways be on MLS, the League is poised to extend its reach even further and build upon its foundation of passion and dedication for the players and fans.

Explore the entire collection and discover a world of headbands that embody the spirit of performance, style, and energy at

About JUNK Brands

JUNK has pushed the boundaries of performance, wellness, and self-expression to ignite everyone to their pursuit of wellness since 2011. We make premium headbands for every athlete, every interest, and every human, even if today is day one on the fitness journey. We proudly print, cut, and sew our headbands in Bentonville, Ark.

Press Contact Shaina Tolbert
JUNK Brands
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