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Kaia Health Expands Digital MSK Therapy Offering with Evidence-Based Balance Program Targeted at 65+ Population

Kaia Balance Program
Kaia Balance Program
New York, NY / May 21, 2024 / Kaia Health

Today, Kaia Health (Kaia) released its latest innovation, an evidence-based Balance Program to improve balance, strength, and mobility for millions of Americans. This latest expansion of the Kaia Digital Musculoskeletal (MSK) Program addresses the growing concern of falls, which affects one in four adults over the age of 65 and contributes to over $50 billion in medical costs annually according to the CDC.

Developed by the Kaia clinical team, based on fall prevention strategies and CDC guidelines, the Kaia app offers a custom therapy pathway with curated physical exercises and educational content to help users improve their balance and strength. This is especially crucial for seniors, who often struggle to access effective care due to lengthy commutes and long appointment wait times.

“Falls are now the number one cause of injury among adults ages 65 and older, significantly impacting their mobility, confidence, and sometimes independence,” said Nicole Fellows, Physical Therapist at Kaia Health. “With our digital-first approach to balance support, we provide our users with education and exercises to build into their routines that decrease fall risk and improve quality of life.”

In a pilot study of 2,500 senior Kaia users, participants reported a 56% improvement in mobility, 54% decrease in fear of movement, and 79% increase in confidence after six months, demonstrating the effectiveness of a digital-first MSK program for the 65+ population.

“Only one in seven older adults in the U.S. meets the recommended physical activity levels, making balance and mobility critical issues for seniors,” said Liz Selvig, Chief Revenue Officer at Kaia Health. “By introducing a comprehensive Balance Program, we raise awareness about falls and remove care barriers for seniors nationwide.”

About Kaia Health

Kaia Health is the world’s largest digital therapeutics company on a mission to empower millions of people to live their healthiest lives. Kaia Health partners with leading health plans, employers, and providers, covering nearly 65 million lives around the world. Kaia’s evidence-based treatments, covering a range of conditions, including MSK and COPD, are powered by proprietary AI, motion analysis technology, and clinical expertise. Kaia’s app is designed to work on your smartphone or tablet – delivering the most accessible, effective, and equitable experience available. Across 20 clinical trials, Kaia Health has demonstrated effectiveness and safety on par with traditional care with as much as 80% reduction in cost, as recognized by the Program Validation from the independent Validation Institute.

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