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Kane Footwear Partners with Professional Surfer Brianna Cope to Launch New Recovery Shoe

A portion of sales will go toward Changing Tides Foundation as part of Kane’s 1% for the Planet commitment

Brianna Cope - Kane Athlete Shoe Launch
Westport, CT / Mar 27, 2024 / Kane Footwear

Today, Kane Footwear, the leading active recovery footwear brand, announced their collaboration with professional surfer Brianna Cope, a Kane Athlete, and the launch of the Kane x Brianna Cope Revive, a shoe that represents Brianna’s home and her love for the ocean.

“Being born and raised on the beautiful island of Kauai, I was always drawn to the ocean. From a young age, I was a water baby, finding my happiest moments while surfing the waves,” said Brianna Cope. “Surrounded by so much raw beauty, water, and sand, it became my sanctuary – my safe place. My Kane shoe symbolizes my deep connection to the ocean and my island home.”

The off-white upper of the Kane x Brianna Cope Revive represents the sand of Kauai and the blue marble swirled sole represents the ocean waves she has been surfing on since she was young.

“As a little kid, I didn’t know how important the ocean would be to me and how much it would shape my life as a pro surfer and person,” said Cope. “I was born with a birth defect, also known as my small hand. Being bullied as a kid, I always wanted to run away and my safe place to escape was always the ocean. It’s where I went to feel free, happy, and my true self. Still to this day, the ocean has been the biggest part of my life.”

As part of Kane’s 1% for the Planet commitment, a portion of sales from the Kane x Brianna Cope Revive collaboration will go toward the Changing Tides Foundation, which empowers women to protect the planet. Their Women’s Outreach Mentorship Program works with teenage girls to use the ocean and surfing as a tool to build self efficacy, self confidence, leadership skills, and an increased understanding of the importance of protecting the planet. This collaboration furthers Kane’s support of athletes who recognize the importance of recovery, positivity, and staying physically and mentally sharp.

“Kane’s collaboration with Brianna represents the trials and triumphs professional athletes face and the boundless strength they must find within in order to succeed,” said John Gagliardi, founder and CEO of Kane Footwear and former professional lacrosse player. “Brianna’s mantra ‘Let’s Go,’ is printed on the laces of the shoes to demonstrate her spirit of resilience and motivation and to provide similar levels of inspiration for fans worldwide.”

The Kane x Brianna Cope Revive is made with bio-based RestoreFoam™, created from Brazilian sugarcane, and integrates principles of active recovery to renew the body through stimulation, circulation and blood flow. It is now available on the Kane Footwear website and retails for $85 MSRP.

You can learn more about Cope’s partnership with Kane on her athlete page:

About Kane Footwear

Kane is a footwear brand dedicated to the recovery of body and planet. Implementing expert-driven design, biobased manufacturing, and modern aesthetics, Kane is creating active recovery footwear for mindful movers. The Kane Revive, designed in collaboration with board-certified foot and ankle surgeon Dr. Daniel Geller, is the first shoe designed specifically for active recovery. The Kane Revive is made with bio-based RestoreFoam™, created from Brazilian sugarcane, and integrates principles of active recovery to renew the body through stimulation, circulation and blood flow. Kane is a Certified B Corporation and a proud member of 1% for the Planet. Kane was founded by former pro athlete, John Gagliardi, who was inspired to create a performance EVA product that professional athletes and active people can use year-round. Kane was founded in 2021 and is headquartered in Westport, CT. You can learn more at

About Brianna Cope

Brianna Cope, hailing from the breathtaking island of Kauai, Hawaii, is a professional surfer who has been in the competitive scene since she was only 10 years old. Winning her first competition at 11, this victory marked the beginning of her competitive dreams and she hasn’t looked back since.

Brianna Cope Imagery HERE

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