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L-Nutra Closes $47 Million in First Stage of Growth Investment Round

Investment furthers company leadership in nutrition technology, aiming to promote healthy living and longevity

Los Angeles, CA / Nov 7, 2023 / L-Nutra

L-Nutra Inc., premier nutri-technology company, spearheading longevity science nutrition programs, announces the closure of $47MM first tranche investment in its Series D fund raising. The round is led by a personal investment from Mr. Stephane Bancel, CEO at Moderna Inc., alongside Brentwood Associates, a Los Angeles based middle market investment firm.

L-Nutra was founded in 2009 by The University of Southern California (USC) and Dr. Valter Longo, Director of the Longevity Institute at USC. In partnership with 18 global university research centers, L-Nutra has developed the first Nutrition for Longevity pipeline, ProLon® aimed at enhancing healthy aging via cellular rejuvenation and improving metabolic health; and Nutrition as Medicine pipeline called L-Nutra Health aimed at enhancing patients’ chances of remission from diabetes, cancer, autoimmune and cardiovascular diseases.

Led by Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Joseph Antoun, MD, PhD, L-Nutra has become the first nutri-technology company, touting more than 32 clinical trials and 200 worldwide patents.

“We are proud to have the support of Mr. Stephane Bancel, one of the most successful biotech leaders of our time, who recently enhanced human longevity with Moderna’s COVID vaccine. His personal investment in our company reinforces trust in our cutting-edge science and continued support of our global mission to increase longevity and healthspan across the globe,” said Dr.  Antoun. “With Mr. Bancel’s financial support, we can continue to expand ProLon® across global markets. We will also be able to increase access to our first diabetes remission program, allowing patients to significantly reduce their reliance on medication in many cases.”

Stephane Bancel, CEO at Moderna added: “I have been thoroughly impressed by the science led by Dr. Valter Longo, and the products that L-Nutra has brought to market based on his research. I believe that their first nutri-technology product – the 5-day Fasting Mimicking Diet (FMD) – is an important tool to ensure people can live long and healthy lives. I made this personal investment to help L-Nutra continue its development, and to ensure more people have access to its science-based products. I look forward to working with L-Nutra’s management team and Board to maximize the impact that we can have on the quality of lives of many people around the world.”

About L-Nutra

L-Nutra, premier nutri-technology company, is leading the discovery, design and commercialization of novel Nutrition for Longevity and Nutrition as Medicine programs to enhance human healthspan. L-Nutra has gathered 18 global universities to discover breakthrough nutrition formulations inspired by nature and tailored by Longevity Science to promote healthy aging and advance the development of nutri-therapeutic solutions for age-related diseases. With the world’s health in mind, each product is plant based and formulated to provide protective and rejuvenating health benefits while maximizing safety, nourishment, taste and variety. For more information visit

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