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Matter Bio Successfully Closes $7M Seed Funding Round

Brooklyn, NY / May 29, 2024 / Matter Bio

Matter Bio, a pioneering biotech company dedicated to preserving genome integrity and extending healthy human lifespan, today announced the successful close of its seed round funding, raising $7 million to advance its groundbreaking work in longevity research.

The seed round was led by Lifespan Vision Ventures, with participation from quadraScope Ventures and others, and includes grant support from NIH, NCI, and NIEHS. The funds will be utilized to conduct further research into the information theory of aging at a genomic level, which Matter believes contributes significantly to the aging process. The funds will also enable the filing of an IND and the start of a Phase 1/2a clinical trial in solid cancer.

Matter Bio tackles the problem of genome instability holistically, addressing the issue through a multi-pronged approach:

  1. Reading Mutation: Detecting and identifying loss of genomic information.
  2. Reversing: Correcting integrated mutations and reintroducing original genetic information.
  3. Removing: Eliminating cells that are too damaged to be repaired, such as cancerous, clonal, and senescent cells.

Matter Bio has assembled a world-class team of scientists and executives, including co-founders such as George Church, PhD, a pioneer in genome sequencing and gene editing, Jan Vijg, PhD, an expert in genome instability and somatic mutations, and Claudia Gravekamp, PhD, a world authority in attenuated bacterial therapeutics. The company operates at the forefront of longevity biotechnology, leveraging cutting-edge science and innovative approaches to address the complexities of aging.

“Genomic integrity is a cornerstone of longevity and healthspan extension,” said George Church, Professor of Genetics at Harvard Medical School. “Matter Bio is pioneering a crucial approach in the fight against aging by focusing on the preservation of our genetic blueprint. I am excited to see the impact of their work on enhancing human health.”

“Our investment in Matter Bio furthers our mission of supporting the cutting-edge interventions that promote longevity and combat aging,” said Andrew Worden, Founding Partner of LifeSpan Vision Ventures. “Matter Bio’s strong team, cutting-edge genomic preservation technologies, and early-stage partnerships give the company excellent prospects to succeed with its vision.”

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