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Mimio Health Commercially Launches Groundbreaking Biomimetic Based on the Science of Fasting to Promote Cellular Health and Longevity

In addition to the commercial launch of Mimio, which unlocks the same cellular benefits of fasting without skipping a single meal, Mimio Health also announces $1.75M seed round

San Francisco, CA / Oct 19, 2023 / Mimeo Health

Mimio Health, the biomimetic human health company, announced today the commercial launch of their flagship product, Mimio. Mimio is a biomimetic designed from human biology to unlock the cellular health and longevity benefits of long-term fasting, without needing to fast. By upregulating and enhancing these cellular processes, Mimio supercharges the body’s natural restorative abilities.

The benefits of Mimio can include, but are not limited to, improved metabolic health, hunger control, increased energy and performance, enhanced mood and cognition, balanced inflammatory responses, and support for healthy aging.

Fasting has been shown across thousands of studies to be one of the most powerful ways to enhance health and promote longevity. Using fasting as a roadmap, Mimio Health’s biomimetic research has studied and decoded the changes that happen in the body to activate this innate longevity bio-program.

“Biomimetics seek inspiration from nature, where millions of years of evolution have resulted in highly efficient and effective solutions to various problems. Focusing on harnessing each individual’s own biology, we have closely studied the complex interplay of molecules along key pathways in the body and their compounding cellular benefits that are naturally activated during fasting,” said founder and CEO, Dr. Chris Rhodes. “While fasting has extraordinary scientific backing to provide health and longevity benefits, it can be a difficult long-term lifestyle, and many people who do fast are not unlocking the full benefits. With Mimio, we have been able to elevate the same beneficial bioactive metabolites that are produced during a prolonged fast without needing to skip a meal.”

By mimicking our bodies’ natural processes, Mimio’s biomimetic is designed to upregulate and enhance multiple cellular systems, such as autophagy, metabolic efficiency, and cellular repair and protection, that are typically activated during fasting. Based on years of clinical research at UC Davis studying the underlying biology of fasting, Mimio’s team discovered their proprietary blend of four bioactives (Spermidine, Nicotinamide, Palmitoylethanolamide (PEA), and Oleoylethanolamide (OEA)) that were uniquely elevated in the body during a 36-hour fast. Together, these fasting metabolites work synergistically to activate the cell’s built-in health pathways and unlock both the body’s innate regenerative abilities and compounding cellular benefits without needing to skip a meal.

“Our scientific mission to study, decode, and activate human biology has led us to this remarkable discovery, with much more to come,” continued Dr. Rhodes. “The potential of our biomimetic research to uncover safe and effective bioactive molecules with direct impacts on human health is unparalleled and I can’t wait for what’s on the horizon. I’m humbled to be in a position where my research is making a difference in people’s daily wellness, allowing them to harness the power of their own biology to live fuller, healthier lives.”

The science behind Mimio is validated by a recent peer-reviewed clinical study authored by Dr. Chris Rhodes et al. and published by The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. Moreover, the bioactive ingredients in Mimio’s formulation have been validated in over 100 clinical studies to achieve whole-body benefits.

“Mimio is a truly game-changing company in the human health and optimization space. As an ultrarunner always looking for a performance edge, I am faced with some of the most demanding physical challenges in the world,” said Charlie Engle, American ultramarathon runner and author. “I’m consistently impressed with Mimio’s ability to enhance my energy, motivation, endurance, and recovery.”

In addition to their new formulation, Mimio Health also announced a $1.75M Seed round led by Better Ventures, with participation by SOSV, Thia Ventures, What If Ventures, R42, and Gaingels. With the new funds, Mimio Health will continue to expand their product lines, perform additional clinical research, and continue their discovery efforts to identify novel biomimetic formulations.

Mimio is available now for purchase at

About Mimeo Health

Mimio Health is the biomimetic human health company. We harness the power of human biology to supercharge the body’s natural restorative abilities.

Our flagship product, Mimio, is a biomimetic designed to activate our cells’ built-in regenerative abilities to clean, repair, and protect themselves. By tapping into thousands of years of evolutionary knowledge about how key molecules are designed to optimally interact, Mimio’s biomimetic ingredients work together to upregulate and enhance various cellular processes that were previously only accessible through fasting. The resulting physical and cognitive benefits include improved metabolic health, increased energy and performance, enhanced mood and focus, balanced inflammatory responses, and optimized healthy aging.

Mimio seamlessly blends into your daily care routine, whether you currently fast and are looking to enhance the results, or are simply looking for a way to take care of your body at a cellular level without skipping a single meal.

Mimio’s founder, Dr. Chris Rhodes’ scientific curiosity has always led him back to longevity. Mimio was inspired by his doctorate research and study of the underlying biology of fasting and its impact on longevity.

To learn more or to try Mimio yourself, please visit:

Mimio Health. Your biology. Your superpower.

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