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​​Mindbloom Launches Expert-Led Psychedelic Therapy for Heartbreak, Burnout, and more

The Mastermind Series introduces programs developed by experts for unique mental health challenges

Austin, TX / Nov 29, 2023 / Mindbloom

Mindbloom, the largest provider of psychedelic medicine, today announced the launch of its Mastermind Series – the first expert-led psychedelic therapy programs for overcoming heartbreak, burnout, and other mental health challenges. Each program was developed in partnership with a leading expert in the field, and combines their specialized teachings with ketamine therapy to enhance neuroplasticity and enable lasting change.

“More than 100 studies and 20+ years of clinical use show that ketamine therapy may be the most transformational mental health treatment available today,” said Mindbloom CEO and Founder Dylan Beynon. “In the face of epidemics of mental illness, addiction, and loneliness, we’re thrilled to offer our clients access to top experts across a range of issues –  and to pair their expertise with our best-in-class ketamine therapy honed over hundreds of thousands of treatment sessions.”

Each program includes:

  • Six ketamine therapy sessions focusing on a specific mental health issue
  • Expert-led audio, video, and written content for preparation, treatment, and integration
  • Practical tools like exercises, meditations, and visualizations to identify the root causes of challenges and cultivate skills to overcome them
  • One-on-one coaching from Mindbloom guides, and group integration sessions

The first program in the Series is Recovering from Rejection and Failure led by Dr. Guy Winch – a leading authority on emotional health, and a best-selling author and TED speaker whose talks have received over 30 million views. Dr. Winch’s program focuses on healing and preventing emotional injuries that people suffer in their personal, professional, and romantic lives.

“Emotional wounds like rejection and failure can be even more devastating than physical wounds, yet we don’t give them the same time and attention,” said Dr. Winch. “I’m thrilled to combine my techniques for emotional first aid with ketamine therapy, which has been shown to increase neuroplasticity and help build emotional resilience.”

Additional Mastermind programs will be released in the coming months, including:

  • Getting Unstuck, by Dr. Elizabeth Lombardo;
  • Beating Burnout, by Dr. Shauna Shapiro; and
  • Coping with Cravings, by Dr. Jud Brewer

“Americans are struggling with heartbreak, burnout, and other challenges every day, and they’re looking for new tools to address them,” said Mindbloom’s Medical Director Dr. Leonardo Vando. “I’m grateful to these experts for providing Mindbloom’s clients with the unique practices and insights they’ve cultivated during their distinguished careers, to help them overcome the biggest obstacles in their lives.”

The Mastermind Series is available to new and returning clients who receive a diagnosis of anxiety or depression.

About Mindbloom

Mindbloom is the largest provider of psychedelic medicine, offering ketamine therapy programs that combine evidence-based medicine with coaching, content, and community. Mindbloom’s psychiatric clinicians facilitate over 250,000 at-home ketamine therapy sessions each year in 35+ states, and Mindbloom’s remarkable treatment outcomes were published in the largest-ever peer-reviewed study of ketamine therapy. For more information, visit

Press Contact Michael Petegorsky
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