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MNLY Partners with HYROX to Power Male Performance

MNLY Named Exclusive Men’s Precision Health Partner and Sponsor of the Men’s Pro Category

Chicago, USA / Jan 11, 2024 / HYROX

HYROX the global sport of fitness racing, announces a new partnership with pioneering precision supplementation brand MNLY, as the official sponsor of the HYROX Men’s Pro category. The partnership launches now through to the close of the ‘25 season and will see MNLY support male athletes to unlock their complete racing potential.

MNLY utilizes evidence-based solutions to provide a complete diagnostic, analytical and prescriptive health protocol that optimizes 19 biomarkers and 100 separate data points that allow users to access Peak Performance, Powered by Science. Selective HYROX athletes will be able to access precise micronutrient, mineral, vitamin and amino acid  dosing delivered to address their individual needs and  to enhance their  focus, stamina, confidence, mood, sleep, libido, and recovery.

Luke Hartelhurst – MNLY Founder “I am thrilled to announce our partnership with Hyrox, aligning two forces dedicated to pushing the boundaries of athletic achievement. Our mission is simple: to make a lasting impact on the well-being and performance of the Hyrox athletes. This collaboration integrates MNLY’s innovative approach with Hyrox’s commitment to excellence in hybrid athleticism. Through personalized nutrition, tailored lifestyle strategies, and precision supplement solutions, we aim to empower athletes to reach their peak potential. Our team is excited to see the improvements not ust in performance at events but in the everyday lives of these athletes.”

HYROX Co-founder and CMO, Moritz Furste comments “The sport of HYROX is developing at a rapid rate, the outer limits of performance are now found in the fractional advantage that fields like precision nutrition can provide. We’ve never had an affordable, easily accessible technology that can create personalized nutrition protocols to support individuals’ unique physiology before and I’m excited to see how this partnership can help drive performance for our athletes.”

By joining the MNLY waitlist HYROX athletes and spectators will receive an exclusive early bird offer.

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HYROX is the Global Sport of Fitness Racing, inspiring people worldwide to engage in the healthiest form of training and competition on earth. HYROX connects the world’s training communities with a sport, a training methodology and a lifestyle that is accessible to all and conveys the transformative benefits of training and competition to a globally connected audience.

About MNLY

MNLY is pioneering a new approach to men’s health. Redefining performance and well-being through advanced technologies and evidence-based solutions. Our collaborative team of men’s health science experts, neuroscientists, data scientists, and sports nutritionists offers a comprehensive, multifaceted, scientifically-driven approach. MNLY combined biological, environmental, clinical research data and artificial intelligence to formulate precision nutrition, lifestyle and supplement solutions for optimal male personal and professional performance.

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