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MyNetDiary Announces Addition of Advanced Autopilot

MyNetDiary transforms personal weight management with its intelligent new feature.

Boca Raton, FL / May 1, 2024 / MyNetDiary, Inc.

Developers at MyNetDiary announced the launch of Advanced Autopilot, a revolutionary feature in the MyNetDiary app designed to transform personal weight management. Advanced Autopilot’s core is an intelligent coaching algorithm that adapts to an individual’s metabolic needs and changes over time. Like a professional nutrition coach, it calculates accurate energy expenditures, continuously adjusting calorie and macronutrient intake targets for optimal health outcomes.

Advanced Autopilot offers weekly check-ins with calorie and macro adjustments in response to changes in energy expenditure, more accurately aligning with the user’s weight management objectives, whether for loss, maintenance, or gain. It also integrates physical activity data to finetune nutritional guidance and supports targeted weight goals and target-date-based planning. These personalized calculations prevent the drawbacks of rapid weight changes or a weight-loss plateau, enabling sustainable progress.

MyNetDiary’s Advanced Autopilot is a leap forward in personalized weight management, offering a smart, adaptive solution to nutrition planning and coaching. This feature marks a new era in achieving wellness goals, with MyNetDiary at the forefront of personalized nutrition technology.

About MyNetDiary, Inc.

Founded in 2005, MyNetDiary, Inc. is a private company headquartered in Boca Raton, FL. MyNetDiary’s mobile apps are available on iOS, Android, Apple Watch, and Google Wear, as well as an online diet and weight loss service at Named the “Best Overall Diet App for Tracking” by US News and World Report in January 2024, MyNetDiary helps people become healthier and more active and lose weight. Downloaded by over 22 million people worldwide. MyNetDiary is the most comprehensive, accurate, and user-friendly diet app in the App Store and Google Play. MyNetDiary has been featured in USA Today, Women’s Health, Today’s Dietitian, NPR Morning Edition, Health Magazine, Chicago Tribune, Lifetime Network, NBC-TV and FOX 5 in DC.

Press Contact Sergey Oreshko
MyNetDiary, Inc.
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