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New Study Shows Consistent Use of Goode Health’s Ultimate Superfood Blend Results In Significant Health Improvements

Study conducted at the University of Texas Arlington indicates better health outcomes on four key markers

Columbus, OH / Apr 9, 2024 / Goode Health

Goode Health, a leader in nutritional supplements, is excited to announce the results of its latest clinical study focused on its Ultimate Superfood Nutrition Blend. The results of the study, conducted at the University of Texas Arlington, show that Goode Health significantly improves key indicators of vascular health, inflammation, cholesterol level, and stress in as little as two weeks.

“We spent two years on R&D perfecting our patent pending superfood blend. And the results of this study show that Goode Health truly makes a difference in the health of those who use it consistently. We are extremely proud of this product and are excited to share these results showing it to be one of the most effective nutritional supplements available on the market,” said Mike Glick, CEO of Goode Health. “This clinical study reinforces Goode Health’s position as an industry leader in delivering superior, customized health solutions forall Americans.”

The study titled, “The Impact of Goode Health LLC Superfood Chocolate Blend Beverage on Peripheral Macro and Microvascular Function” was presented April 7 at the American Physiology Summit in Long Beach, Calif. Consistent consumption of Goode Health’s Ultimate Superfood Blend was shown to lead to improvements in vascular health, reductions in cholesterol, and reduced inflammation within a short time frame of just two weeks.

Study participants who consumed Goode Health twice daily for two weeks experienced the following benefits:

  • Improved Vascular Health: In response to stress, participants in this study benefited with a 37% improvement in blood vessel dilation and a 19% increase in blood flow, both key components to Flow Mediated Dilation, a stress test for blood vessel health.
  • Reduced Cholesterol Levels: Total cholesterol levels decreased by 14.5%, LDL cholesterol decreased by 18.7%, and Triglycerides were reduced by 25.4%.
  • Alleviated Inflammation: CRP levels, a crucial marker of inflammation, decreased by 6.1%. This reduction shows the anti-inflammatory properties of Goode Health’s product.
  • Decreased Stress: 33% of participants reported a reduction in stress levels.

Designed to combat micronutrient hunger — the lingering feeling of hunger even after a meal caused by insufficient nutrient intake — Goode Health’s Ultimate Superfood Blend provides a precisely formulated combination of nutrients tailored to each users’ own needs. And Goode Health is the most nutrient dense superfood available on the market with no fillers, sugar, or saturated fats – maximizing the nutrients you get while minimizing the calories.

The Ultimate Superfood Blend by Goode Health stands out amidst the myriad of green shakes and smoothie supplements available on the market. Its success lies in the combination of nutrient-rich superfoods, plant protein, and prebiotic fiber. This unique protein-fiber-micronutrient blend guarantees high bioavailability, enabling the body to easily absorb and access these essential nutrients.

To cater to individual preferences, the smoothie blend is available in three flavors: Moroccan Chocolate, Vanilla Spice, or Unsweetened. Additionally, customers have the option to customize their blend with up to four different superfood boosts targeting immune support, metabolism, vascular health, and/or recovery.

Goode Health’s Ultimate Superfood Blend comes at an affordable price of $1.96 per serving, which is significantly lower than all major competitors. Goode Health aims to make nutrition accessible to all and will continue to evaluate how to reduce price even further.

To learn more about Goode Health’s Ultimate Superfood Blend and to place an order, visit

About Goode Health

Based in Columbus, Ohio, Goode Health, LLC is a purpose-driven health and wellness company on a mission to create simple, effective, and science-based solutions to help people live a longer and healthier life. Goode Health develops innovative products that bridge the gap between convenience and optimal health, in a way that is accessible to all. The company’s approach to personalized nutrition, includes a two-fold approach to wellness.Goode offers an easy-to-use at home blood test to provide real-time insights about health, and a customized superfood mix, packed with complete proteins, prebiotic fiber, SUPRshield™ polyphenols, and CORE8™ Micronutrients, designed to combat nutrient hungergaps in individuals, delivering the ultimate nutrition experience for those seeking a healthierlifestyle. For more information, visit, look for us on Facebook and Instagram (@mygoodehealth) or email at

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