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Next Health Expands into Australia: 20 New Locations Announced

Los Angeles, CA / Nov 28, 2023 / NextHealth

Next Health, renowned for its unique health optimization and longevity services, is poised to make its debut in the Australian market.

As the frontrunner in pioneering wellness solutions in the United States, Next Health Australia is expanding with 20 new locations in the next six years. This endeavor is made possible through a master franchise agreement awarded to a dedicated team in Australia led by Dr. Kelly Francis as Chief Medical Officer. Margie Baldock, CEO of Next Health Australia, and 20-year biohacker, is joined by Graham Staerk, with 40 years of experience in political campaigning, corporate lobbying, and public relations, overseeing public relations and marketing.

Together, they bring a wealth of expertise in medical, property, marketing, and government relations. The inaugural Next Health center is set to open its doors in 2024, marking a significant and transformative presence in the Australian wellness landscape.

Leading Next Health’s franchise growth is Scott Svilich, COO of Next Health, who boasts extensive experience in franchise scaling. He expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “I’m thrilled that we’ve found the ideal operating partners who also share our core values and mission to bring Next Health to Australia. With their dedication and aligned mission, I’m confident that our collaboration will be a great success. We look forward to introducing Next Health’s pioneering longevity services to 20 key Australian markets.”

The rapid ascent of Next Health’s popularity in the longevity space can be attributed in part to its vibrant, state-of-the-art facilities, which reimagine the traditional healthcare experience by departing from conventional clinical settings and crafting environments that find universal appeal with a seamless fusion of wellness and modernity. Clients partner with providers for a data-driven approach to health and tap into a range of sought-after advanced medical services. The core of Next Health’s unique offering lies in its membership-driven model, underpinned by a proprietary customer journey, all contributing to exceptional unit economic performance.

In a statement reflecting their shared enthusiasm for the upcoming expansion into the Australian market, Next Health Founders, Dr. Darshan Shah (CEO) and Kevin Peake (President), express their eagerness to bring their groundbreaking longevity services to a wider audience, “People globally are placing an unprecedented emphasis on their overall health well-being. Our Australian partners recognize this burgeoning demand for diagnostic and preventative health solutions, and we’re thrilled to introduce our best-in-class approach and technologies to Australia, marking a new era in wellness and longevity. Witnessing the life-changing results in the United States has been immensely rewarding. We’re dedicated to helping individuals achieve their optimal health and well-being, and we’re confident that our expansion into Australia will bring about remarkable changes in the lives of many.”

Next Health’s unwavering commitment to improving lives worldwide has not only found resonance with a wide and diverse audience but has also garnered acclaim from prominent individuals. Distinguished actor Orlando Bloom, a longtime client of Next Health, recently reinforced the organization’s remarkable impact and immense potential by becoming an investor. This investment not only exemplifies the transformative changes experienced by those touched by Next Health but also underscores the increasing recognition and support the organization continues to attract.

The debut of the first Next Health Australia location is anticipated to be in 2024, with prime retail locations under consideration, including the Gold Coast and Sydney.

About NextHealth

Next Health, founded in Los Angeles in 2016 by renowned US Surgeon Dr. Darshan Shah and entrepreneur Kevin Peake, has been a trailblazer in the health optimization and longevity space. Dr Shah’s vision of Next Health is to champion a medical, data-driven approach that empowers you to live healthier, longer. Conveniently offering the latest in technology and medical services in a vibrant atmosphere with white-glove hospitality.

Next Health is now offering franchising opportunities in major markets across the United States and abroad. Their franchise model aims to help individuals achieve optimal vitality and longevity through personalized, data-driven healthcare.

To learn more about franchising opportunities, visit the Next Health Franchise website or contact them via email at

Press Contact Vanessa Kekina
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