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None to Run Celebrates 4 Years of Making Running Accessible to Everyone

Empowering beginner runners globally, None to Run marks its key achievements, with a special focus on reaching 16,000+ paying app subscribers.

Toronto, ON / Mar 4, 2024 / None to Run

None to Run, an app empowering beginners and recreational runners, celebrates its 4th anniversary with over 750,000 workouts logged and growing. None to Run has pioneered a gentler approach to running and has cultivated a global community dedicated to making running more achievable and enjoyable.

None to Run is dedicated to unlocking individuals’ inner athlete through embracing movement, boosting confidence, and fostering a passion for healthy habits.

Key milestones being celebrated:

  • 5,100+ Global Ratings: N2R boasts an exceptional average rating of 4.8/5 across app stores, a testament to its popularity and user satisfaction.
  • 16,000+ Active App Subscribers: A vibrant and growing user base of over 16,000 paying app subscribers attests to the app’s effectiveness and appeal.
  • 750,000 Workouts Completed: Since 2020, users have completed 750,000 workouts, showcasing the app’s significant role in promoting fitness and well-being.
  • Global Reach: The app is used in more than 80 countries, reflecting its universal appeal and the global need for more approachable running programs.
  • Media Recognition: Mentioned in The New York Times and Runner’s World, None to Run is recognized for its innovative approach to beginning running.
  • Platform Inclusivity: The Android app, launched in November 2022, expanding None to Run’s accessibility to a broader audience.
  • Apple Watch App Redesign: In September 2023, None to Run unveiled a redesigned standalone Apple Watch app tailored explicitly for watchOS10.

Founder’s Vision:

Mark Kennedy, founder of None to Run and a Certified Distance Running Coach, reflects on the journey and looks ahead: “Four years ago, we embarked on a mission to make running more accessible and enjoyable for those looking to access its joys and benefits. As we celebrate this milestone, our commitment to supporting new runners throughout their running journey continues to guide us.”

What App Subscribers Are Saying:

“After lots of false starts, trying many other apps/programs, and even hiring a coach (without success), I’d given up hope of running. I’m so grateful to have stumbled across None to Run. For the first time, I feel capable and have actually been looking forward to my walk/runs. I absolutely recommend this app — uncomplicated, affordable, convenient, and totally doable.”

“Using N2R to get me back to distance running after back to back surgeries (herniated disc and then ACL reconstruction 7 months later). I’ve taken it slowly, repeating a few weeks here and there, but feeling great. N2R uses a realistic progression format that is actually attainable, unlike any other “start running” program I’ve tried. I’m confident I will be able to get back to 5k and then 10k with no issues.”

Looking Ahead:

Stepping into their fifth year, None to Run is doubling down on helping even more people get started and experience the joy of running with a planned rollout of new app features, deeper community engagement and impactful partnerships that empower beginner runners through their journey as runners.

For more information about None to Run or to start a 7-day free trial, visit

About None to Run

Founded by Mark Kennedy, a Certified Distance Running Coach, None to Run has quickly become a leading app and community for beginner and recreational runners. With a presence in over 80 countries, None to Run empowers individuals to embrace a slow, sustainable approach to becoming the runners they always wanted to be. For more information on None to Run, please visit

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None to Run
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