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NuraLogix Unveils Anura™ MagicMirror™ Creating New Possibilities for Health Measurement

New Tabletop Mirror Measures Health Vitals by Analyzing Facial Blood Flow Patterns

Las Vegas, NV / Jan 9, 2024 / NuraLogix

NuraLogix, a global pioneer in Affective Ai™1, is pleased to announce Anura™ MagicMirror™, a first-of-its-kind tabletop smart mirror that analyzes facial blood flow information to accurately calculate a host of vital signs and disease risk assessments. Powered by the company’s cloud-based Affective Ai™ platform DeepAffex™, Anura™ MagicMirror™ is the first device NuraLogix has manufactured, leveraging its hardware-agnostic software to deliver on the promise of making accurate health data ubiquitous in people’s lives.

The highly versatile 21.5″ screen device enables industry partners, including retailers, gyms, schools, corporations, construction companies, retirement homes, pharmacies, and doctors’ offices, to develop proactive health solutions that can help impact the lives of employees, customers, and patients. A CES 2024 Innovation Award Honoree for Digital Health, Anura™ MagicMirror™ is being showcased at the NuraLogix booth #8917 in the North Hall throughout the CES show in Las Vegas.

‘Mirror, Mirror On The Wall, Who Is The Healthiest Of Us All?’

Anura ™ MagicMirror™ is designed for conducting speedy and accurate physical and mental health assessments anywhere, anytime. When a user sits in front of the mirror, the device automatically detects this movement and begins conducting a 30-second scan. Gathering health data in this method without requiring tedious multiple manual inputs provides ease of use, especially for those with mobility issues, elderly populations, and more.

Anura ™ MagicMirror™ leverages the company’s patented Transdermal Optical Imaging (TOI™) technology, a novel form of Remote Photoplethysmography (rPPG) to automatically detect a person’s face, identify key regions of interest, and extract blood flow information. The data is sent to the cloud-based DeepAffex™ platform, which uses advanced signal processing and machine learning AI algorithms to calculate over 100 health parameters. You can see it in action here.

A Moment to Reflect on Current and Future Health

Anura™ MagicMirror™ goes beyond all other contactless health monitoring solutions. Uniquely, it can measure physical health vitals, as well as mental health assessments, and can carry out health risk assessments.

A sample of Anura™ MagicMirror™’s measurements include:

 Vitals/Physical Indexes

  • Blood Pressure
  • Cardiac Workload
  • Pulse Rate
  • Breathing Rate
  • Irregular Heart Rate
  • Heart Rate Variability
  • BMI
  • Body Shape Index
  • Waist-to-Height Ratio
  • Facial Skin Age

 Metabolic Health Risk Assessments 

  • T2 Diabetes Risk Assessment
  • Cardiovascular Disease Risk (10 yr)
  • Heart Attack Risk (10 yr)
  • Stroke Risk (10 yr)
  • Hypertension Risk
  • Hypercholesterolemia
  • Hypertriglyceridemia
  • Fatty Liver Disease
  • Morning Fasting Blood Glucose
  • Hemoglobin A1C

 Mental Health

  • Mental Stress
  • Depression Health Risk
  • Anxiety Health Risk

NuraLogix’s research models have currently appeared in 11 global peer-reviewed research publications, with three additional publications in progress covering topics of hypertension, multi-year cardiovascular risk, diabetes, and fatty liver disease.

“We are excited to unveil Anura™ MagicMirror™, our first hardware product that directly leverages the proven DeepAffex™ Affective AI™ Platform,” said Phil Levy, Chief Technology Officer at NuraLogix. “Our technology uses any video-enabled device to assess general health parameters and with this mirror product, we are able to deliver these benefits to many different industry sectors. Whether it is helping organizations optimize staff well-being and monitoring stress levels, providing health checkups in a community, or easing the clinical intake burden on health professionals during visits, we are paving the way to a world where health vitals are easily monitored to help improve global health outcomes.”

Anura™ MagicMirror™ is the latest addition to the company’s portfolio of health solutions. It follows the launch and commercial deployment in November 2023 of Anura™ Telehealth, which enables real-time assessment of vital signs during video consultation sessions with physicians.

To learn more about NuraLogix and Anura™ MagicMirror™ please visit or visit the booth in the LVCC, North Hall, Booth 8917, for a demonstration.

About NuraLogix

NuraLogix is a pioneer in the development of Affective Ai™ and the creator of the world’s first contactless blood pressure measurement technology. The company’s patented cloud based Affective Ai™ Platform- DeepAffex™ can measure over 100 health and wellness parameters using a conventional video camera and its patented Transdermal Optical Imaging (TOI™) technique to extract facial blood flow information from the human face. This is demonstrated in the company’s groundbreaking Anura™ app.


1 – Affective Ai™ is the intersection between Affective Computing and Artificial Intelligence. It is the ability to recognize, measure, predict and simulate human affects that take the form of physiological and psychological states using AI trained models.

*In the United States, this product is for Investigational Use Only. The performance characteristics of this product have not been established.

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