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Padel Haus Expands to the West with the Opening of Denver Location

Padel Haus Denver’s opening in Q4 2024 will mark the operator’s first club in the West and the third opening this year.

The 5-court indoor club at 2501 Welton St. sets apart Padel Haus from all its competitors and further cements its status as the leading operator in the country.

Denver, CO / May 13, 2024 / Padel Haus

Padel Haus, the leading American padel operator, is thrilled to announce the opening of its newest club in Denver, Colorado. Located at 2501 Welton St., Padel Haus Denver marks the company’s fifth announced permanent club (and sixth overall) and its inaugural location in the Western region.

Situated amidst the dynamic landscape of Denver’s River North neighborhood (RINO) and a quick 5 min drive from downtown, Padel Haus Denver stands as a beacon of sporting innovation in Denver’s most exciting neighborhood. RINO, known as the arts district of Denver, eclectic neighborhood renowned for its thriving arts scene, industrial-chic ambiance, and converted warehouses adorned with colorful murals and graffiti art, serving as a canvas for local and international artists alike.

“We are proud to introduce Padel Haus to the vibrant community of downtown Denver and RINO” said Santiago Gomez, Founder and CEO of Padel Haus.” As we expand our footprint deeper in the US, we recognize the importance of embracing diverse neighborhoods and contributing positively to their fabric. By opening our sixth club overall in Denver, we aim to not only provide access to the exciting sport of padel but also to support the ongoing revitalization in this eclectic neighborhood while still pursuing our main goal of being the go-to padel club for thousands of players with locations everywhere in the country.”

The 2501 Welton St. location will feature five indoor courts with 25’+ ceilings. Boasting premium amenities such as Juice Haus, upscale locker rooms with rain showers, gym, co-working spaces and pro shop, Padel Haus Denver promises a holistic wellness experience for players and spectators alike.

Gomez added, “Denver’s welcoming spirit and enthusiasm for new sporting experiences make it an ideal destination for our expansion. With our commitment to fostering a sense of community and well-being, we look forward to becoming an integral part of the RINO neighborhood and the broader Denver community.”

The opening of Padel Haus Denver underscores the company’s strategic growth initiatives and its dedication to making padel accessible to a wider audience.

About Padel Haus

Established in July 2022, Padel Haus is positioned at the unique intersection of athletics, wellness, and lifestyle, offering clubs that provide a distinct opportunity to play and spectate the best sport in the world. Padel Haus became New York City’s first and only padel club with the launch of its Williamsburg location at 307 Kent Avenue in July 2022. In June 2023, Padel Haus made history again by introducing New York’s first outdoor padel courts with the opening of three pop-up courts at Domino Park. This was followed by the establishment of their second permanent location, Padel Haus Dumbo, at 257 Water Street. Looking ahead, Padel Haus plans to open a 5-court facility in Greenpoint at 12 Berry Street in December 2024 and has previously announced the launch of one more club outside of New York, set to open in Nashville in Summer 2024. Additionally, with a Denver location under construction and expected to open in Q4 2024, Padel Haus will soon have a total of six clubs (five permanent) operating in the U.S., solidifying its position as the leading padel operator in the country. Their clubs in Williamsburg, Dumbo and Domino boast 11 world-class, yearround indoor padel courts, a professional padel academy for all ages, NYC’s only padel atelier, and their exclusive and re-known juice and healthy bar, Juice Haus.

The company was founded by renowned entrepreneur Santiago Gomez, who is a former Investment Banker for UBS and was co-founder of the New York Times-award-winning and World’s 50 Best Restaurant-awardwinning, Cosme restaurant.

About Padel

Invented in Mexico in 1969, padel is widely considered the world’s fastest-growing sport, with over 25 million people playing in more than 90 countries. The sport has seen exponential growth in recent years and is particularly popular in Latin America, Europe, and the Middle East. In Spain alone, it is now the second most popular sport, after soccer, with over 22,000 courts. Padel is described as a mixture of tennis and squash, played in a doubles format on an enclosed 66ft x 33ft court, approximately one-third the size of a tennis court. It uses balls similar to tennis and specialized carbon fiber rackets with holes. Known for its accessibility and inclusivity, padel is considered less technical than tennis and squash, making it easier to pick up.

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