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PRO MOUNTINGS® Announces Acquisition of AQUA TRAINING BAG®

PRO MOUNTINGS® Announces Acquisition of AQUA TRAINING BAG® the original water-filled punching bag.

Philadelphia, PA / Jan 19, 2024 / Promountings LLC

Promountings, a leading boxing fitness equipment design & manufacturing company, is pleased to announce the successful acquisition of Aqua Training Bag, the original water-filled training bag brand. This strategic move marks a significant milestone in Promountings ongoing commitment to better service clients globally.

The acquisition of Aqua Training Bag is expected to help customers package mounts + bags for their studios & home gyms. This will present great opportunities to scale faster and optimize logistics. Our customer crossover will also help reach more clients globally.

“We are excited about the possibilities that this acquisition brings to Promountings and our valued clients,” said Royce Negron, President of Promountings. “By combining our strengths and expertise, we are well-positioned to revitalize the Aqua Training Bag brand with new exciting products, enhance current ones and enter the large retailers around the world. Our companies are vertically integrated and now will work cohesively in the same ecosystem perfectly positioned for growth.

“Our mission remains simple: create results for our customers’ customers. Aqua Training Bag more than fulfills this mission and we look forward to being a part in their customers’ physical success for years to come, said Kyle Putzstuck President, CPA, CTP of the Trunnion Group.

About Promountings LLC

Sports mounting equipment is our specialty. We design, manufacture, and sell shock-absorbing punching bag mounts for commercial gyms and in-home use. In addition, we offer other unique fitness equipment such as Aqua Training Bags. Find mounting equipment for all types of heavy bags, speed bags, banana bags, and MMA bags from Our heavy bag mounts can be used for all different bag styles from lightweight punching bags up to 250lbs. Our high-quality punching bag mounts and heavy bag hangers are built and assembled in the USA. They are easy to install and are the most durable mountings available today for the boxing, kickboxing, fitness, and MMA markets.


Aqua Training Bag is a leading, global supplier of highly engineered water-filled punching bags for boxing boutiques, big box gyms, and at-home gym markets.

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