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Remedy Place Launches The Remedy Roller as Inaugural Product in Tech-Remedy Collection

Social Wellness™ Pioneer Brings a New Standard of Luxury Self-Care into the Home

Los Angeles, CA / Nov 8, 2023 / Remedy Place

Remedy Place, the world’s first social wellness club pioneering self-care while fostering human connection, is thrilled to debut the first product in their new Tech-Remedy Collection: The Remedy Roller. This innovative self-care solution is a full-body, automated massage device that offers unparalleled relief and rejuvenation for high-performance individuals seeking transformative healing at home.

Through state-of-the-art technology and intentional design, the Remedy Roller empowers self-administered myofascial release. The first-of-its-kind device was engineered to alleviate muscle tightness and enhance connective tissue health while increasing blood flow and improving range of motion.

Key Features:

  • Full-body lymphatic massage
  • Bi-directional drum system with safety sensors
  • Infrared light therapy to encourage collagen production
  • 100% natural beach wood balusters with various speeds
  • Ready-made training programs
  • Voice-guided treatments tailored to unique goals
  • LCD touch display and color therapy

Product Specifications:

  • Standard US 110V outlet
  • 70-75” L x 34” W x 54” H
  • 190 pounds

The broader Tech-Remedy Collection will focus on the intersection of high performance and self-care, providing immediate and long-term benefits to those who are committed to feeling better and maximizing their potential. This launch marks a significant milestone for Remedy Place, introducing product design and development, and signaling an exciting new phase in the brand’s rapid growth and evolution beyond brick-and-mortar. Inspired by the in-club Tech-Remedies that members and guests have enjoyed in flagships to date, this new collection was designed for a subset of consumers who will now be able to experience Remedy Place’s innovations in the comfort of their own homes.

Founded in 2019 by Dr. Jonathan Leary, Remedy Place has risen to prominence with its award-winning, high-design clubs in New York City and Los Angeles. The brand is renowned for its holistic approach to self-care with a unique emphasis on community and connection, aptly trademarked: Social Self-Care™. The brand has garnered an organic and devoted following of entrepreneurs, celebrities, and professional athletes and is on track to double its revenue in 2023 through a mix of in-club engagement and massive reach via offsite events. Having facilitated over 13,000 ice baths—this year alone—and created a social media movement with hundreds of millions of impressions, the launch of the Tech-Remedy Collection marks a significant milestone in the brand’s journey, bringing transformative self-care and holistic technologies into homes across the globe.

“The Tech-Remedy Collection marks an exciting milestone for our brand that allows us to extend out of our clubs and into our guests’ homes. The Remedy Roller is just the beginning of our next phase to ‘remedy’ every aspect of our customers’ lives,”  said Dr. Jonathan Leary, CEO and Founder of Remedy Place. “Our mission is to make the world feel better, not only through our clubs but through several new verticals that we will be launching in the coming years. I cannot wait for the world to see what we have coming next.”

The Remedy Roller retails for $11,900 USD and is available to order as of today at The Remedy Roller is also available to book as an in-club experience at Remedy Place’s West Hollywood flagship here. For additional details and ordering information, please visit

About Remedy Place

Founded in 2019 by Dr. Jonathan Leary, Remedy Place is the world’s first social wellness club, combining top alternative medicine doctors, ancient practices, and Tech-Remedies™ to empower individuals to take control of their health through proactive self-care and human connection. From after-work happy hours transformed into breathwork ice bath classes to movie nights upgraded to watch and drip sessions in the meditation cinema, Remedy Place redefines traditional experiences with new memories. Whether seeking personal relaxation, quality time with a loved one, or planning a corporate team retreat, Remedy Place clubs are a canvas for crafting unforgettable moments and enhancing people’s health and social lives simultaneously. Architecting an environment that is designed to heal, Dr. Leary is on a mission to make people feel good while leading and innovating the most important new category of the health and wellness industry: Social Self-Care™. Make a reservation to visit Remedy Place clubs located in Los Angeles or New York City or join the movement at or @RemedyPlace.

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