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SH1FT in Partnership with 24 Hour Fitness Announce Two New Fitness Programs

Two fitness leaders shake up the industry with groundbreaking new programs

London, UK / May 21, 2024 / SH1FT

Strength training is booming in 2024 and gyms are looking to capitalize on this increased interest by delivering fresh and unique experiences that serve members of all ages.

This was the challenge that 24 Hour Fitness, the 40-year leader in health and fitness, set itself. Their MODUS group training brand has been operating as a successful strength based “boutique within a club” since 2022 and they had a vision to expand this coach-led experience into the mobility space with something fresh and results based.

While there were pre-formatted options available in the “stretch and strengthen” space, nothing hit the right spot. That’s when they called upon their existing Group Fitness partner, SH1FT Fitness. SH1FT creates out-of-the-box Group Fitness formats for gyms across all fitness disciplines. But they also do something no one else in the industry offers: they work with gyms to understand their needs and create bespoke programming to meet them.

When you hear the words ‘bespoke programming’ you might think ‘expensive’. But SH1FT uses their unique technology solution (class delivery App, programming tools, and education platform) to deliver this at a surprisingly low cost – much less than the cost of a pre-formatted solution, with the added benefit of complete ownership of the brand by 24 Hour Fitness.

24 Hour Fitness worked closely with SH1FT to define the goals and DNA of the new programming and together they created two one-of-a-kind new programs: MODUS MOVE and MODUS MOBILITY.



What is it?
An active recovery class that incorporates functional range of motion training with the latest techniques in stretching to enhance performance in and out of the gym.

Who does it target?
Members focused on athletic performance and ‘lifting’ who want to see direct results from their recovery training.

What makes it different?
MODUS MOBILITY combines science-backed techniques in mobility, flexibility and stability to stretch and strengthen the muscles and joints. The result? It refocuses the body and mind and creates measurable improvements in overall fitness performance.


What is it?
Longevity training with a focus on stability, neuromuscular activation and athletic skills that carry over to everyday life… and the pickleball court.

Who does it target?
MOVE is for anyone of any age who understands the importance of a well functioning body and wants to feel good and move well for the long term.

What makes it different?
Every MOVE class has a sports and gameplay feel which creates a sense of camaraderie and shared purpose whilst also challenging the body and mind with novel movements. MOVE offers more variety and excitement than a traditional gym routine which keeps motivation high.

Both MOVE & MOBILITY are designed to deliver positive impacts on a person’s healthspan – the number of years they live in good health.


The programs will be delivered live in a small group setting, encouraging an immersive environment where coaches can create deep connections and deliver meaningful change to their participants.

Instead of classic group exercise classes which stay the same from week to week, MOBILITY & MOVE are designed around an 8 week cycle, with tests and challenges along the way so members feel their movement improving throughout the 8 weeks, before the focus changes to keep things fresh.

Recognising the importance of digital, SH1FT Fitness has created accompanying digital classes for the 24GO member App, for those moments when members can’t get to the gym.

Mike Heim, Sr. Mgr, Programming & Education, 24 Hour Fitness:

“These classes have been meticulously designed around the latest scientific research to deliver real change to our members. Longevity training or ‘fitness for life’ is an area that is far too underserved in Group Exercise – but it’s incredibly important to us at 24 Hour Fitness. We are thrilled at how SH1FT has taken our vision and worked with us to create these two unique programs that are like nothing the industry has ever seen.”

Both MODUS MOVE & MODUS MOBILITY are launching in 24 Hour Fitness clubs nationwide this month.


So what’s next for SH1FT Fitness? 

Will Brereton, Founder, SH1FT Fitness:

“We believe this partnership is the start of a step change in how big box gyms do Group Fitness. For too long, gyms have been forced to decide between the high cost of creating in-house, or the unsatisfactory position of bringing in a third party brand. Right now, differentiation is key and we’ve found a cost effective way of creating high quality own-branded programming for a fraction of the cost of doing it in-house. It’s a game changer and gyms are starting to realise this. We are thrilled to be partnered in the USA with such a leading name in fitness, and are currently working on our largest ever partnership at home in the UK. Watch this space!”

About SH1FT

SH1FT launched in 2017 with a single HIIT format and has quickly grown to offer six fitness genres with Instructors teaching across 43 countries. Their stellar growth has firmly positioned them as one of the world’s leading Group Fitness companies in 2024.

SH1FT’s unique point of difference is in allowing gyms to either white-label their existing SH1FT Fitness programs, or working with their gym partners to create high quality bespoke programming – for a fraction of the cost of doing it in-house. This allows the gym to have complete ownership and brand control of their Group Fitness offering.

Press Contact Samantha Crossman
SH1FT Fitness
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