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Skelcore Named Preferred Equipment Vendor for Powerhouse Gyms

Powerhouse Gyms International has entered a global licensing deal with Skelcore and has made Skelcore a preferred provider for gym equipment.

Miami, FL / May 24, 2024 / SKELCORE

Powerhouse Gyms International, boasting over 300 licensees across 20 countries and 39 states, has chosen Skelcore as a go-to provider, leveraging its innovative products to enhance the fitness experience for its 1.8 million members. The family-owned company is listed as the 9th largest health club chain worldwide in IHRSA’s 2023 Global Report.

“Skelcore had an incredibly successful Powerhouse Gym clothing collaboration with our licensee in Miami and Fort Lauderdale, which opened the door for a larger scale relationship.  My dad, Co-Founder, Will Dabish, my brother Victor and I visited Skelcore headquarters to try out the equipment.  We were very impressed with the quality and unique angles of the equipment bringing differentiation and innovation to our facilities. We are also very excited that Skelcore has concluded a number of global retail deals with our Powerhouse Gym brand on equipment and are in final discussions with some big box retail chains in the US to list the new equipment line.” says Henry Dabish, CEO, Powerhouse Gyms International. 

Marc Ackermann, President and Founder of Skelcore, expresses his enthusiasm for the partnership, stating, “I am thrilled about our collaboration with Powerhouse Gyms International. This partnership aligns perfectly with our mission to revolutionize the fitness landscape and provide comprehensive solutions to fitness enthusiasts worldwide.”

Founded in 2020, Skelcore emerged with a mission to offer a comprehensive fitness solution, empowering clubs and facility owners to provide members with a curated selection of stylish and differentiated products – all under one brand. Skelcore’s ethos revolves around protecting the skeleton while building core strength, encapsulated in its name.

Under Ackermann’s leadership, Skelcore has engineered fitness equipment designed to foster community and promote a healthier lifestyle through strength and endurance training. Each machine is meticulously crafted with biomechanics in mind, reflecting the brand’s commitment to excellence.

Skelcore’s Miami roots serve as a testament to its dedication to innovation. Inspired by the city’s fitness culture, Skelcore understands the importance of enabling consumers and gym owners to achieve their best and drive performance. By seamlessly integrating the latest strength training trends with top-notch cardio and recovery products, Skelcore has created a fitness ecosystem that resonates with individuals seeking a longer and healthier life. The partnership between Skelcore and Powerhouse Gyms International marks a significant step towards realizing Skelcore’s global vision of providing comprehensive fitness solutions and establishing itself as a differentiator in this competitive industry.


SKELCORE is a Miami based Fitness equipment company that is part of Evolution Group USA, which was founded 19 years ago and was born out of the founding family‘s passion for fitness and longevity after being the Gold‘s Gym global licensee and Walmart private label supplier for over 10 years. Skelcore’s name is derived from the essence of human fitness, which is to “Protect your Skeleton and Build your Core”. Skelcore’s range of Full Commercial and Light Commercial products encompass a unique blend of Plate loaded and Selectorized Strength equipment, racks, cages, benches, weights, cardio, flooring and recovery offerings focused on innovation and differentiation all under one brand with a consistent look and feel.

About Powerhouse Gym

Since 1974 Powerhouse Gym has been the strongest name in fitness. Fifty years later, the Powerhouse Gym brand and popular logo are recognized by 7 out of 10 Americans in the USA. Powerhouse uses the strength of its heart-felt identity to motivate and inspire every individual that steps foot into any facility bearing its name.   Powerhouse Gym offers the latest equipment and services, including group exercise, personal training, cardiovascular equipment, group cycle, and yoga. With over 1.5 million members worldwide, Powerhouse Gym provides a motivating atmosphere to help all kinds of people reach their health and fitness goals.

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