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Superset Launches Superset Sheets: A Spreadsheet to Fitness App Generator

Superset Sheets slashes coach overhead by 50% with a modern platform of workflow tools.

New York, NY / Sep 26, 2023 / Superset World, Inc.

NEW YORK, NY / September 21st, 2023 – Superset World, Inc., the fastest-growing platform for online fitness and nutrition coaches, announced today the launch of their landmark feature, Superset Sheets.

Superset Sheets is solving a 15-year cross-compatibility issue for coaches’ most time-consuming workflow: client programming.

“For over a decade, coaches have cobbled together Excel and Google Sheets to deliver workout programs to their clients. While great for coaches, this has perpetuated a long overdue UX problem for clients and athletes who work out at the gym, at home, or on the go when traveling for work. Superset Sheets is the best of both worlds: coaches harness the power of a spreadsheet while clients get a best-in-class mobile app.” – Taylor Pemberton, CEO & Co-founder of Superset 

Improving on the simplicity and power of its current tools, Superset Sheets includes:

  • One canvas for all your work – Just like a spreadsheet, Coaches get a bird’s-eye view of their client’s program which is crucial for linear progression and workout periodization.
  • Robust exercise video library – Over 1.2k+ exercises and videos preloaded with the power to add your own content.
  • Smart dropdown – similar to Excel and Google Sheets =FUNCTIONS, coaches can use keyboard shortcuts to input information quickly and intuitively.
  • “One-to-many” workflows – Build programs and assign them to multiple clients without clicking back and forth
  • Modern app experience for clients – Clients can view and track their workouts from a beautiful modern app.
  • Familiar spreadsheet programming – Works like Excel or Google Sheets except built specifically for modern-day fitness coaches and clients.

“Sheets is really an embodiment of our product, design, and engineering values—deceptively simple and incredibly hard to reproduce in execution. Other platforms in the space are taking a fundamentally opposite approach to us where they’re loading as much as possible into the product and creating a feature swamp. We are explicitly attracting coaches because of how considered and deliberate our features are. We’re excited to be meeting coaches where they’re at while helping automate key workflows in their business.” – Peter Coles, CTO & Co-founder of Superset

Superset Sheets is now available on Get started for free today.

Superset is built DIFFERENT

Crafting client programs isn’t rocket science, yet many platforms constrain you within rigid parameters or outdated software demanding coaches to learn yet another complex app.

Superset recognizes that the simplicity of spreadsheets is unparalleled. Why reinvent the wheel when you can have the ease of what works best?

Less is more 

The Superset team purposefully avoided unnecessary features and clunky interfaces.

Having collaborated closely with thousands of coaches, they’ve gained valuable insights into the shortcomings of current platforms. Existing platforms force coaches to adapt to complex and overwhelming interfaces, slowing their workflow and diminishing productivity.

These insights have fueled their mission to redefine the online coach tech stack, recognizing the need for a platform to empower modern coach workflows and help coaches get back to doing what they do best – delivering exceptional client accountability and transformations.

Watch this demo to see Sheets in action.

About Superset World, Inc.

Superset collaborates with coaches across the spectrum, from those embarking on their coaching journey to established businesses raking in annual revenues of $100k, $300k, and even $1 million.

Their track record speaks volumes, with over 1K+ fitness professionals contributing to a staggering $5 million in revenue across the platform.

Before founding Superset, the team cut their teeth designing, building, and launching digital products at renowned tech giants like Spotify, Airbnb, eBay, Google, TRX, and Aaptiv. Their pedigree is rooted in industry excellence.

Press Contact Taylor Pemberton
Superset World, Inc.
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