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Superset Unveils Coach Mode: Empowering Online and In-Person Fitness Coaches Worldwide

Bridging the digital divide with a modern platform of coaching tools.

New York, NY / Apr 5, 2024 / Superset World, Inc.

Superset is proud to announce the launch of Coach Mode, a groundbreaking feature in its mobile app designed to seamlessly bridge the gap between in-person and online fitness coaching. This update provides an unparalleled blend of in-person and online workout management to trainers worldwide.

The Essence of Coach Mode

At its core, Coach Mode is crafted to solve the critical challenges faced by fitness coaches today, offering a seamless transition between in-person and remote client interactions. This feature caters to the evolving landscape of the fitness industry, accommodating the dynamic needs of hybrid coaches who manage clients both online and in-person.

“By making in-person and online coaching more interoperable, we’re eliminating barriers in the fitness coaching industry, paving the way for a new age of efficiency and ease.” – Taylor Pemberton, CEO & Co-founder of Superset

The launch of Coach Mode seeks to refine fitness coaching practices by:

  • Offering coaches and trainers an intuitive platform to design and manage workout programs for online, in-person, or hybrid sessions, complete with tools for tracking client progress.
  • Providing new opportunities for coaches, physical therapists, chiropractors, and independent gym owners who previously lacked access to fully-integrated online-to-IRL coaching technology.
  • Expanding the range of services that online coaches can provide, enabling them to adopt a hybrid training model with their clients.

Utilizing Coach Mode is straightforward and simple, ensuring that trainers can effortlessly integrate this feature into their workflow:

  1. Sign up for a free 14-day trial on
  2. Create a workout program in Superset Sheets and assign it to a client.
  3. Download and log into Superset’s mobile app, available in the Apple and Google Play Store.
  4. Enjoy real-time interaction and data logging during client sessions, enhancing the coaching experience and client outcomes.
About Superset World, Inc.

Superset is at the forefront of fitness technology, providing innovative solutions designed to empower fitness professionals and enhance the client experience. With a strong commitment to improving the fitness industry through technology, Superset remains dedicated to developing features that support the dynamic needs of coaches and their clients worldwide.

Discover the potential of Coach Mode and how it can elevate your coaching business. Get started at today.

Press Contact Taylor Pemberton
Superset World, Inc.
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