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Xponential Fitness Join Forces with Gympass to Boost Employee Wellness

New York, NY / Nov 9, 2023 / Gympass

Gympass, the world’s leading corporate wellbeing platform, today announced that Xponential Fitness, the largest global franchisor of boutique fitness brands, is now live on the Gympass network and will provide subscribers access to ten leading fitness brands all across the U.S.

With this new partnership, Gympass members gain even more access to a diverse range of options that cater to all fitness preferences and skill levels. The ten Xponential Fitness brands available on Gympass will include AKTBFTClub PilatesCycleBarPure BarreRow HouseRumble BoxingStretchLabSTRIDE Fitness and YogaSix,

The Gympass platform offers subscribers the opportunity to experience these fitness brands and their physical and mental benefits, at a fractional cost, as a benefit of their employment. Gympass and Xponential Fitness are committed to making wellness benefits accessible and affordable for all, ensuring that employees can prioritize their wellbeing in a cost-effective and flexible manner.

“Gympass’ mission is to make wellbeing universal by empowering everyone to lead healthier and more active lives. We do this by providing the largest network of wellbeing providers across physical fitness and emotional health, all in a single employee benefit,” said Cesar Carvalho, CEO and co-founder, Gympass. “By adding Xponential Fitness to our network, we will enhance our member’s experience with access to top fitness brands like Rumble Boxing, Club Pilates, Pure Barre, and more. In a time of rising healthcare costs and employee burnout, this is also a game-changer for employers, as they encourage employees to stay active and prioritize their wellbeing.”

“At Xponential Fitness, our mission has always been to bring the best in boutique fitness to people all around the world,” said Steve Pankowski, EVP of Strategic Partnerships of Xponential Fitness. “We’re excited that our unique fitness brands are now accessible to Gympass subscribers, bringing wellness closer to individuals and companies, providing them with a diverse range of fitness choices that cater to every preference and skill level. The partnership illustrates our shared commitment to making wellness an achievable goal for everyone.”

Employee wellbeing has become a must-have for attracting and retaining top talent in today’s workforce. According to Gympass’s 2024 State of Work-Life Wellness report, 87% of employees would consider leaving a company that does not focus on employee wellbeing, and 93% of workers consider their wellbeing to be equally important to salary – up 10 points from 83% in 2023. In light of this shift, this partnership provides an opportunity for employers to foster a strong culture of wellbeing at their organization, which is proven to help drive employee loyalty and increase retention and satisfaction rates.

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About Xponential Fitness

Xponential Fitness is the largest global franchisor of boutique fitness brands. Through its mission to make boutique fitness accessible to everyone, the Company operates a diversified platform of ten brands spanning across verticals including Pilates, indoor cycling, barre, stretching, rowing, dancing, boxing, running, functional training and yoga. In partnership with its franchisees, Xponential offers energetic, accessible, and personalized workout experiences led by highly qualified instructors in studio locations across 49 U.S. states and Canada, and through master franchise or international expansion agreements in 21 additional countries. Xponential Fitness’ portfolio of brands includes Club Pilates, the largest Pilates brand in the United States; CycleBar, the largest indoor cycling brand in the United States; StretchLab, the largest assisted stretching brand in the United States offering one-on-one and group stretching services; Row House, the largest franchised indoor rowing brand in the United States; AKT, a dance-based cardio workout combining toning, interval and circuit training; YogaSix, the largest franchised yoga brand in the United States; Pure Barre, a total body workout that uses the ballet barre to perform small isometric movements, and the largest Barre brand in the United States; STRIDE Fitness, a treadmill-based cardio and strength training concept; Rumble, a boxing-inspired full-body workout; and BFT, a functional training and strength-based program. For more information, please visit the Company’s website at

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