Smart Strength: MIRROR Launches Connected Dumbbells and Ankle Weights


lululemon-owned MIRROR is launching connected dumbbells and ankle weights.

Bulking up. Known simply as MIRROR Weights, the smart accessories track reps, offer feedback on form, and tell users when to increase or decrease the load.

No small expense, the weights start at $50 for the one-pound setup to $200 for the 35lb pair. The ankle weights are also pricey, running $80–95 for a 1lb or 2lb option.

The company is also introducing the Universal Health Score (UHS), using heart, muscle, and recovery metrics to personalize workout recommendations.

Living the Sweatlife. Building community and strengthening the consumer relationship, lululemon prioritizes product innovation, omni-guest experience, and market expansion.

In-store workouts and its annual SeaWheeze half-marathon were meant to encourage customers to get moving while embodying the brand’s ethos.

With the $500M acquisition of MIRROR last year, the company went all-in on its Sweatlife motto. So far, the decision appears to be playing out in lulu’s favor:

  • MIRROR revenue could reach $275M this year and $700M by 2023.
  • The company recently added two production studios, more live classes, and new instructors.
  • lululemon will begin selling its home workout device at 40 Canadian locations this month.

Be on the lookout: lululemon recently filed for new health- and wellness-related patents, is preparing to launch footwear, and plans to make plant-based leggings.

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