The New Bar Expands its Booze-Free Footprint

New Bar

The New Bar is slinging drinks for the sober curious.

The latest: Scaling up, the omnichannel alcohol-free retailer announced it will build on its popular Venice, CA flagship in 2024, adding outposts in West Hollywood and San Francisco.

Generating buzz for booze-free beverages, the company became Coachella’s first nonalcoholic partner in April — attracting wellness-minded festival-goers to its #Soberchella campground.

Spiking interest. The New Bar’s momentum highlights growing intrigue around zero-proof sips. Expanding beyond abstainers, the category saw 31% YoY growth in 2023, per Nielsen IQ.

  • 82% of nonalcoholic beverage buyers also purchase alcoholic drinks.
  • 47% say quitting alcohol is too hard, but they want to drink more mindfully.
  • 51% of Americans wish they had a sober bar nearby, but only 14% currently do.

Rather than replacing alcohol, soda, or energy drinks, NA beverage brands are filling a gap in the market with modern branding and flavor innovations — emerging as an equally cool alternative for those focused on well-being and high-performance.

Under the influence. Adding clout, celebrities are swarming the category, and F1 champion Lewis Hamilton recently launched alcohol-free tequila.

Meanwhile, event companies like Absence of Proof and Zero Proofed are finding followers on social media, showing sober parties can draw crowds.

Bottoms up. Competing with The New Bar, nonalcoholic spirits shop Boisson secured $5M for retail expansion in September.

Outside specialty stores, Anthropologie and Urban Outfitters introduced alcohol-alternatives, and JetBlue partnered with Athletic Brewing to become the first airline with nonalcoholic beer.

Punchline: Removing the awkwardness from abstinence, modern beverage brands are making it socially acceptable to stay sober — without sacrificing enjoyment.

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