Viome Launches Oral Health Test and Supplements


Viome wants to change the way we approach oral care.

What’s new: The microbiome and longevity diagnostics company launched an RNA-based Oral Health Intelligence Test that analyzes saliva samples to generate personalized dental disease prevention plans.

Enabled by AI, users receive16 oral health scores and tailored food recommendations to improve gum health, restore pH, and reduce inflammation — as well as custom-formulated lozenge supplements that provide pre, pro, and postbiotics to rebalance the mouth’s microbiome.

Joining its suite of tests for gut microbiome and cellular function, Viome founder and CEO Naveen Jain says it was the next step in the company’s mission to push the needle on preventative health:

“Our mission is to understand the biological changes that happen in our body at the onset and during the progression of various chronic diseases and develop personalized and custom-made nutritional products to improve the health of humanity.”

Of note, Viome has raised ~$170M to date — moving deeper into at-home diagnostics, personalization, and longevity.

Why it matters: Like advances in gut care and the gut-brain axis, the oral microbiome is trending.

Science has linked the balance of the 700+ species of bacteria in our mouths to broader health concerns like cardiovascular disease, Alzheimer’s, stroke, diabetes, mental illness, and even athletic performance — suggesting better oral health could have a huge socioeconomic impact.

  • Dental care costs the US ~$124B, results in 34M missed school hours, and forfeits $45B in productivity each year.
  • Per the CDC, 47.2% of adults over 30 and 70% of adults over 65 suffer from some form of gum disease, with most chronic cases considered preventable.
  • People with diabetes are also 2–3x more likely to have periodontal disease, pointing to nutrition as a viable intervention.

In response, more oral health startups like preventative oral diagnostic startup Bristle and at-home oral care company Proclaim are teaching consumers about the microbiome in your mouth, connecting the dots between dental care and systemic health with personalized products.

And in 2022, Revere Partners debuted the industry’s first dedicated venture fund.

Punchline: Science says rebalancing the mouth’s bacteria requires more than brushing — so startups are zooming in on the role of lifestyle factors and dietary habits in dental care. Riding the microbiome wave, forward-looking companies are pushing a new category of preventative solutions that expands far beyond the dentist’s chair.

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