How Wellory Hires: A Conversation with CEO Emily Hochman

Whether you’re an employer or job seeker, the hiring process is hard. Shining a spotlight on this problem, we spoke to Wellory’s CEO Emily Hochman about her best advice for candidates hoping to stand out, level up, and land their dream health and fitness job.

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Roles at high-growth health and fitness companies are highly competitive. What can candidates do to stand out?

EH: Personalization is key! Don’t send in your resume with a templated cover letter. Do your research, learn about the team, and understand deeply why you’re best suited for the role.

Then, start networking — get connected to a hiring manager in an authentic way. Let them know why you’ll help 10x their business.

What does your company’s hiring process entail?

EH: Our interview process is specifically structured to allow us to vet for work ethic, company culture fit, startup mentality, and role proficiency. Our process usually follows the below format:

First Call – If it’s a match, we’ll invite you to chat with our CEO & founder, Emily, on a one-hour call to learn more about the company and so we can learn more about you!

Second Call – If we all get along, you’ll move to a second call with co-founder and Chief Product Officer Jeni to dive into the product and learn more about our customers.

Take-home Assessment – Next, you’ll be given a series of take-home assignments to help us understand how you think, work, and communicate. We value hard work first and foremost!

Meet The Team – Then you’ll chat with another team member on a one-hour video call to learn more about the company culture and team.

References – The last step, we’ll reach out to people who you’ve worked with and hear what it’s like working alongside you!

Which credentials matter when assessing applicants?

EH: We prefer and prioritize experience over degrees. If there’s anything on your resume or in your personal life that embodies hard work, a sense of ownership, thoughtful attention to detail, and a “give it your all” mentality, we’ll care more about that than where you went to school or the degree you hold.

It’s most important to us that you can do the job, that you can think quickly, iterate faster, and execute. Past work experience (in many industries) can teach you that — two years of business school may not.

Succeeding at a startup or fast-growing company is challenging. How do you screen candidates for intangible skills?

EH: You can tell quite a lot about a candidate right from the first touchpoint: How much research have they done? How did they find out about you? What questions do they or do they not ask? Why are they interested in joining your company?

Answers to these questions can offer a ton of visibility into what a candidate wants and what they prioritize, and that’s an easy win to see how they may fit into your culture. At Wellory, we screen for curiosity, passion, hard work, and proficiency in an agile work environment.

Any additional advice about the hiring process you’d like to impart?

EH: Do your homework, be thoughtful about why you may or may not be the best fit for the company and please make sure there are no spelling or grammar errors in your emails!


Note: This Q&A has been lightly edited for clarity and readability

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