#242: Ron Belldegrun, Co-founder & CEO of ByHeart

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Today, I’m joined by Ron Belldegrun, co-founder & CEO of ByHeart.

Refreshing an outdated category, ByHeart is a farm-to-formula baby food brand. Pioneering clinical research, the company is raising the bar with grass-fed, whole milk-based infant formula.

In this episode, we talk about the company’s next-generation infant nutrition platform.

We also cover:

  • Infant formula’s food security problem
  • ByHeart’s commitment to nutrition research
  • The importance of owning end-to-end manufacturing

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(00:00) Introduction
(01:49) The journey to innovate infant formula
(04:04) ByHeart founding story
(06:14) Building a better infant formula
(09:23) Launching during a nationwide shortage
(11:36) Expanding supply chain while ensuring quality
(13:42) Educating and market penetration
(17:07) The role of seed oils in infant formula
(20:53) Ongoing research and innovations
(26:57) Business model and growth strategy
(31:53) Future roadmap
(36:09) Conclusion


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