#244: Michael Ramsey, Co-founder & CEO of STRONG Pilates

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Today, I’m joined by Michael Ramsey, co-founder & CEO of STRONG Pilates.

Using learnings from his time as an F45 Training franchisee, Michael created a global brand, leveraging patented machines to deliver a class that combines Pilates, cardio, and strength.

In this episode, we discuss the company’s hybrid fitness concept.

We also cover:

  • The state of boutique fitness
  • Launching STRONG Pilates in the US
  • Leading the low-impact training revolution

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(00:00) Introduction
(01:51) The birth of STRONG Pilates
(03:29) Global expansion
(04:14) Personal journey and insights
(05:50) Franchisee relationships and learnings
(07:21) Experience and equipment
(11:57) Innovation and market position
(16:16) Sustainable growth and future plans
(21:31) Community building
(23:06) Global market strategy
(28:26) Brand and community focus
(34:15) Conclusion

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