#46: Mike Maser, CEO of Big Sky Health

Today I’m joined by Mike Maser.

Mike is the CEO of Big Sky Health, the company behind the fasting app Zero, Oak, a mindfulness app, and Less, an app for mindful drinking.

In this episode, we discussed Mike’s experience starting FitStar and selling it to Fitbit. How his personal battle with cancer led him to fasting and, ultimately, becoming CEO of Zero. And we talk about his plans to turn Big Sky Health into a platform for science-backed longevity products.

About Mike Maser

Mike Maser is the CEO and founder of Big Sky Health, the parent company of wellness apps Zero, Less, and Oak. Formerly the CEO and co-founder of FitStar, and over 2 decades of executive leadership experience at companies including Electronic Arts, Digg, AOL, and Fitbit, Mike has rich experience in the tech and health startup spaces. His work at Big Sky Health blends this knowledge with a personal passion: helping people live longer, healthier lives. When Mike isn’t helping millions of users on their wellness journeys, you can find him and his dog, Hank out on the trails in Big Sky, Montana.”

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