Any Distance Raises $1.5M For Gamified, Social Activity Tracking

Any Distance

Gamified activity tracking platform Any Distance landed $1.5M in pre-seed funding.

The round was led by Bungalow Capital, with participation from Overline, Fitt Capital, Shorewind Capital, OliveX, and The Gramercy Fund — as well as 30+ angel investors.

Global Move-ment

On a mission to enhance global wellness through movement, Any Distance aims to make activity tracking more engaging and social.

Syncing activities from services that connect to Apple Health, the app generates beautifully designed photo and video templates optimized for social sharing.

Visualizing routes in 3D and AR, users earn unique digital collectibles meant to inspire and celebrate movement of all kinds.

A central tenet, the platform prioritizes privacy and safety, protecting location and personal data.

Inspired to Act

Launched earlier this year, founder Luke Beard started Any Distance as a personal project during the pandemic.

Combining a love of design and photography with the need to exercise for mental well-being, his experiment took on a life of its own. Posting updates about his progress on Twitter, Beard discovered an untapped market:

“I was constantly being asked: ‘what app is this?!?’ As it turned out, I found many people were looking for more in their exercise experience, especially women who felt unsafe sharing their activities and those who felt unmotivated by the apps on the market at the time.”

Turning the idea into a company, Beard expanded the team, hit the App Store, raised a seed round, and has seen ​​hundreds of thousands of activities synced, tens of thousands of achievements earned, and countless goals met thus far.

Looking ahead: Soon launching its new activity tracking platform for iPhone and Apple Watch, unveiling new virtual collectibles, hosting IRL events, Any Distance is building digital and physical experiences to motivate people to be active.

Editor’s Note: Fitt Capital is an investor in Any Distance. We invest in health, fitness, and wellness companies. Learn more, and get in touch, here.

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