Boozing Less, Gen Z Prefers Weed and Shrooms

One of the most health-conscious generations yet, Gen Z is avoiding alcohol.

  • Over 30% of consumers aged 18–25 say they never consume alcohol.
  • Gen Z spends 40% less on alcohol than millennials, making five fewer trips to buy it per year.

Buuut… they’re not totally out on mind-bending substances.

Puff, puff, pass. More than two-thirds of 18–24-year-olds prefer marijuana to alcohol. Coming of age as weed’s prohibition lifts, younger stoners are outspending other cohorts.

Going from widespread stigma to new-age self-care, weed has infiltrated wellness. Now, brands are slipping THC into functional beverages and gummy vitamins in the name of well-being.

Shroom boom. Over 10% of Gen Zers say they’ve used psilocybin in the past six months, compared to 3.4% for the general population.

The psychoactive in “magic mushrooms,” this substance isn’t legal. But, as psychedelics move into the mainstream, recreational use is sure to follow.

Looking ahead: The largest generation in America, Gen Z is making waves in health and wellness—from The Great Destigmatization to eco-forward preferences—forcing brands to take notice.

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