Consumers are Hungry for Personalized Nutrition

Consumers are hungry for healthy foods.

Supermarket sweep. A recent Deloitte survey found grocery shoppers are seeking fresh foods for personal well-being.

  • 91% of consumers say fresh food is key to a wholesome diet.
  • >80% think consuming fresh meals can aid weight loss.
  • 83% believe unprocessed eats reduce risk of chronic health conditions.

Beyond prioritizing the perimeter of their local grocer, consumers are waking up to the harmful effects of ultra-processed foods — including a link to mental health, with 90% of respondents saying fresh food makes them happy.

Signaling a broader shift, and opportunity for retailers, consumers see the grocery store as a front door to preventative health.

Gaining traction, eight in 10 shoppers want personalized nutrition options, up 18% since 2021. And 64% are sold on the role of fresh food as medicine.

But… while wellness is a powerful purchase driver, price is king. With food costs set to hike another 1.2% in 2024, healthy options might not be in the budget.

Zooming out: Despite the majority acknowledging nutritious food as beneficial, rates of obesity and chronic diet-related diseases are on the rise — revealing a disconnect between intentions, actions, and health outcomes.

Takeaway: With more people craving better-for-you foods, the catalyst to changing behavior likely comes down to improving convenience and affordability, two challenges that have yet to be solved.

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