Improving Employee Well-Being with Peloton’s Cassidy Rouse

With burnout at an all-time high, employers are searching for wellness programs to keep their workforce happy and healthy.

Going beyond its smart bike, Peloton is bringing personalized experiences and data-driven insights to the corporate world.

We caught up with Peloton’s SVP of Business Development and GM of Corporate Wellness, Cassidy Rouse, to discuss the company’s approach to workplace benefits.

Why is Peloton targeting the corporate wellness market?

Cassidy Rouse: The launch of Peloton Corporate Wellness was a direct result of member feedback. We were hearing from organizations that their employees were using Peloton to self-organize around fitness, wellness, and community-building.

When we spoke to dozens of these companies, we also learned that employees who were using Peloton were reporting higher levels of happiness, reduced burnout, and overall were more engaged.

So, we started Peloton Corporate Wellness to make it easier for organizations to integrate the power of Peloton—motivating people to be the best versions of themselves—into their workplace, starting with the wellness of their own team members.

How are enterprise partnerships structured and how do you measure success?

CR: Since launching last year, there are more than 60 leading organizations—across health, technology, legal, retail, and professional services—using the platform to cultivate a culture that prioritizes physical and mental well-being.

What’s important is that our program is versatile — there’s something for everyone.

The Peloton App is available for employees who want access to our content with no equipment required. For those seeking the most immersive Peloton experience, we offer preferred pricing on Peloton’s connected fitness products, like the Peloton Bike, Bike+, and Tread. And for existing members, our clients offer subsidies for an All-Access Membership to support team-building and healthy habits.

Additionally, our program offers exclusive enterprise features like corporate challenges and a data insights platform that provides aggregated and anonymized performance insights so employers can actively manage their program.

In terms of success, there is no greater value than hearing from the members about how the benefit has impacted their life.

Members who activated their benefit through Peloton Corporate Wellness have reported reduced burnout, with 89% stating they can manage stress more effectively, 97% noting their well-being has been improved, and 81% feeling more focused throughout their day.

Will the corporate offering differ from the direct-to-consumer offering?

CR: All employees who activate their Peloton Corporate Wellness benefit become members of our growing community of more than 7M.

Powering the experience is a robust enterprise platform that enables us to integrate with organizations, streamlining functions like billing, eligibility management, reporting, and more.

We’re constantly innovating to reduce the administrative burden associated with launching and supporting wellness programs, making it easier for more companies to integrate.

Traditional corporate wellness programs have proven ineffective. Why and how is Peloton better or different from other options?

CR: Research has shown that properly implemented programs can drive strong results. For example, according to the CDC, when workplaces implement wellness programs properly, they can return a 25% savings on healthcare and associated costs.

We believe that the best corporate wellness product is a consumer wellness product. So, we focus on a few key tenets:

  • Programs cannot be one-size-fits-all. They need to provide personalized experiences that are accessible across multiple devices and platforms, and inclusive of all lifestyle and fitness preferences. So, whether you’re at home or in the office, you should be able to access the physical or mental exercise that fits your schedule and level — whether you have equipment or not.
  • The program needs to be fun and intuitive. Employees, after all, are consumers, and they have high expectations for the products they use — even in the workplace. Peloton provides the best experience in fitness by making it entertaining, approachable, engaging, and convenient.
  • A successful program must be data-driven. It’s impossible to be effective without having data and insights about how you’re performing. Peloton Corporate Wellness is rooted in data, so we’re able to deliver aggregated and anonymized insights back to our clients about performance and engagement. This has even helped organizations restructure their business around people’s wellness schedules and interests.

Delivering all three, 90% of members ranked Peloton Corporate Wellness as one of the top three benefits offered by their employer, ranking above financial wellness and mental health/therapy offerings.

Anything else you’d like readers to know?

Peloton is much more than a “Bike” company. We are a membership company that integrates content, software, community, and sometimes hardware to create a deeply engaging experience.

A testament to our community, to date, members have taken over 1B classes, with the Peloton App offering thousands of live and on-demand classes across boxing, yoga, running, barre, meditation, walking, Pilates, and more.

If you think that your company would be interested in Peloton Corporate Wellness, please be sure to check out

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