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Forme Life, a New Connected Fitness Company, Combines Mirror with Tonal

There’s a new company entering the connected fitness category. Meet Forme Life.

What to expect: Combining the full-length display screen of Mirror with a Tonal-like strength training system, Forme hopes to appeal to a broader base of exercisers than group fitness (Mirror) or strength training (Tonal) alone.

Like other connected competitors, Forme will offer content aimed at specific goals — whether that’s leaning out, building muscle, or improving endurance. Similarly, classes will span a roster of workouts, including cardio, yoga, bodyweight training, and barre.


  • Forme won’t start shipping product until fall 2020 but is unveiling its platform to the world this spring.
  • It’s expected to run $149/month for 39 months — the cost includes the hardware and content subscription.
  • Compared to Tonal’s 36-month financing plan, it’s a similar price $5,360 (Tonal) versus Forme’s $5,811.

Zooming out: With new entrants like SoulCycle, the Studio + Huami treadmill, and Ergatta’s rower seeking to break through, all while legacy companies like ICON Health & Fitness (parent of NordicTrack and ProForm) play catch-up, companies will be forced to find new and novel ways to differentiate themselves.

At Forme, the design-forward machine, strength-plus-studio fitness combination, and an emphasis on content are intended to separate the company from the pack. For now, as the product nears its full launch and begins to ship, we’ll have to wait and see how it’s received.

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