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SoulCycle’s At-home Bike and Variis by Equinox

After teasing its at-home bike and digital platform last summer, SoulCycle made things official.

Need to know:

  • SoulCycle’s at-home bike is available for pre-order on March 13 for $2,500. The price includes five in-studio SoulCycle classes.
  • The at-home bike is launching alongside Variis, Equinox Media’s digital platform offering on-demand content from Equinox, SoulCycle, Pure Yoga, Precision Run, Myodetox, and HeadStrong.
  • Beginning March 13, 2020, early access to the Variis app will be granted to Equinox members as part of a phased market rollout, included with their membership.

Why it matters: To date, countless connected fitness companies have piggybacked on Peloton. But going forward, with Flywheel out of the picture, Equinox could leapfrog the entire category.

Convenience and access—the option to work out at home, at the gym/studio, or on the go—are redefining the fitness industry. As this trend continues, the Equinox of ‘X’ represents an omnichannel approach to exercise — providing access to an ecosystem that includes cycling studios, health clubs, hotels, and streaming.

TBD: At-home equipment and subscription content set companies like Peloton apart. Now, it might result in them being left behind.

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