Hintsa, A Performance Coaching Platform Used by F1 Drivers, Secures $5.1M


Hintsa, a Finland-based high-performance coaching and well-being platform, raised €5.1M ($5.12M) from K5 Global, ex-Unilever CEO Paul Polman, and others.

Used by Formula One racing champions and Fortune 500 execs alike, Hintsa will now bring its science-backed methods to employees and health-seekers.

Finding Balance

Optimizing health and performance, Hintsa’s platform helps elite athletes and top CEOs operate at the highest level.

Visualized as a wheel with six spokes, the coaching methodology’s ultimate goal is balance, with all six focus areas revolving around “the core,” an individual’s identity, purpose, and control.

With equal weights on general health, nutrition, mental energy, biomechanics, sleep & recovery, and physical activity, the platform’s diagnostics, lifestyle tracking, and 1:1 coaching ensure everything is interconnected.

Drive to thrive. After working with Finnish Olympic athletes, Dr. Aki Hintsa, a Finnish orthopedic surgeon, found a niche with Formula One drivers performing under the highest of mental and physical stresses.

Clients include champions Kimi Räikkönen, Sebastian Vettel, and, most notably, seven-time world champion Lewis Hamilton — who credits much of his success to ever-present Hintsa-trained coach Angela Cullen.

With the new funding, Hintsa will transform its experience into a consumer app, as well as target entire organizations through corporate wellness.

Performance Review

Idolizing their favorite athletes, consumers want to perform their best mentally and physically, and so do their bosses.

With unprecendented burnout affecting productivity, tanking morale, and racking up healthcare costs, organizations are looking for more personalized, effective, and holistic solutions.

Hintsa will use its track record of training CEOs and founders to activate a scalable corporate wellness program for organizations, leaning on 100% success rates for positive lifestyle change with multinational companies like Reckitt and Deloitte.

But it won’t be alone in 1:1 employee performance coaching.

  • Future’s corporate wellness program pairs each employee with a highly credentialed trainer.
  • WHOOP launched Unite, a program specifically tailored to combat stress and burnout, featuring with organizational coaching from a dedicated team.
  • Last month, TaskHuman raised $20M for its people-centric life coaching platform.

Looking Ahead

In a recent discussion with some of the fitness industry’s top CEOs, we gathered a consensus opinion that personalization and addressing the whole self would be two of the top trends moving forward, and that goes for workplace wellness too.

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