WHOOP Enters Corporate Wellness


WHOOP is quantifying burnout for employers with its new enterprise offering, WHOOP Unite.

What it is: The corporate wellness program will allow companies to assess the mental and physical stress of their workforce.

Employees who opt-in will receive a WHOOP 4.0 band, capable of measuring sleep, strain, and recovery through metrics like HRV (heart rate variability), blood oxygen, and skin temperature.

Using a single API, employers receive an administrative dashboard, organizational analytics, and reporting, plus ongoing employee coaching from the WHOOP team.

United by Data

As we covered in Issue No. 161, WHOOP’s High-Performance Platform, the wearable company is moving beyond athletes, commissioning clinical studies and previously piloting a corporate wellness program with Tory Burch.

Among its findings, for every 45 minutes of lost sleep, individuals experience a 5–10% decrease in mental control the next day.

Seeing the link to everyday performance, WHOOP famously pays its own employees to sleep more. Now, they’re betting other organizations—from the Fortune 500 to healthcare—will do the same, buying WHOOP straps for employees, service members, patients, and even student-athletes.

Signing up, Hitachi Vantara, the US National Forest Service, the National Health Service (UK), Boston College, and more than 200 other organizations have adopted the program.

B2B Wellness

WHOOP joins a host of fitness and performance companies seeking employer and healthcare sponsors.

  • Hyperice is piloting a mental health program with 100+ companies, with the goal of reaching 1M employees by 2024.
  • Digital fitness platform FitOn acquired corporate wellness platform Peerfit and launched FitOn Health, prescribed programming for seniors and those with chronic conditions.
  • Personal training app Future offers 1:1 training from its highly credentialed health coaches for every employee.

Punchline: Boosting productivity and preventing burnout, employers are prioritizing workforce well-being. Seizing an opportunity to help—and cash in—fitness companies are suiting up.

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