Hydrow Launches Smaller, Cheaper Rowing Machine


Hydrow unveiled a smaller, cheaper version of its at-home rowing machine.

What it is: 30% lighter and $1,000 cheaper, the Hydrow Wave aims to address at-home equipment’s biggest pain points: space and affordability.

For context: Hydrow is facing pressure as demand for at-home exercise slows while competition in connected rowing heats up.

Joining the Fitt Insider Podcast earlier this year, Hydrow CEO Bruce Smith suggested that rowing wasn’t suffering the same fate as stationary cycling, attributing its growing popularity to an erg’s time-saving factor — a workout uses 86% of the muscles in the body and typically only lasts 20 minutes.

As Peloton hypes up its forthcoming rowerthe rowing wars have intensified across connected fitness and IRL exercise. Digging in, Hydrow recently secured $55M to boost marketing efforts and fend off rivals.

Still, owning a $2,000 erg isn’t a reality for everyone.

Downmarket. In a conversation with Fitt Insider, Liteboxer CEO Jeff Morin said connected equipment is saturated, but the lower end of the market remains untapped.

Taking notice, companies have hustled downmarket, developing smaller, less-expensive, and equipment-free choices to reach a wider audience.

Looking ahead: Trading freight delivery for overnight shipping, Hydrow hopes its new downsized option opens the door to its subscription content + hardware ecosystem.

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