Equinox Launches Health Optimization Membership


Equinox is banking on health optimization.

What’s happening: The premium gym chain unveiled Optimize by Equinox, a longevity-hacking membership tier.

An extension of its partnership with Function Health, the service will debut in NYC and Highland Park, Texas before rolling out to other markets.

Meet your team. For $3K/mo, plus general membership fees, an Equinox concierge evaluates Function’s 100-marker panel as well as in-house fitness screenings.

Executing against biannual retests, care teams keep clients dialed in.

  • Three weekly 60-minute training sessions with a PT.
  • Two 30-minute consultations per month each with a nutritionist and a sleep coach.
  • One massage therapy appointment per month.

Optimize members also gain entry to E by Equinox, the brand’s ultra-exclusive private gym spaces.

Equinox Rx

Equinox is firing on all cylinders, landing $1.8B for expansion and notching near-record-setting revenue this spring.

Leaning into longevity, its high-performance-focused gym-as-clinic will be led by health experts across sports, medicine, and technology.

Along with Optimize, the company has also ramped up its GLP-1 training protocols, certifying coaches to navigate pharma-assisted weight loss journeys in all markets.

Looking ahead: The new program is built for big-spending biohackers. But if other operators see gym-as-clinic as the future, riffs on Equinox’s blueprint could be a path to greater affordability.

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