Y7 Launches Hot Sculpt Class

Y7 Studios

Y7 Studio is trying something new.

What’s happening: The nine-location boutique operator unveiled SCULPT, its first new class type in over 10 years.

Responding to member requests, Y7 is adding low-impact strength to its music-driven, candlelit infrared yoga experience — using dumbbells, bands, and ankle weights for a full-body workout.

Going beyond the mat, Y7 is also beta-testing a breathwork/cold plunge concept at its Silver Lake, LA studio.


Diversifying, many single-modality operators have turned to adjacent exercise for a boost.

  • CorePower and Pure Barre launched sculpt-style strength classes last year.
  • After extending its partnership, XPOF’s YogaSix is rolling out TRX to all studios.
  • Swapping out treadmills, Orangetheory debuted a strength-only option, while Barry’s opened its second RIDE x LIFT cycling studio in February.

Heating up. True hot HIIT isn’t feasible, with exertion risks amplified by infrared. But, adding heat to low-impact sculpting workouts, operators are creating an ultra-efficient alternative.

Early days still, Boston-area cycling chain The Handle Bar recently debuted two infrared sculpt studios called Hotbox, while Australia-based J.I.M (Joy In Movement) is scaling tech-driven heated group exercise.

Takeaway: With exercisers consuming strength, cardio, and mindful movement à la carte, boutique operators must bulk up their menus. For Y7, hot sculpt could just be the beginning.

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