Hyperice CEO Jim Huether

Workplace stress is on the rise. Yet, few companies are equipped with the right tools to make an impact.

We caught up with Hyperice CEO Jim Huether to talk about the performance recovery company’s move into corporate wellness, adapting its sports-centric products and protocols to combat burnout.

Why is Hyperice targeting the corporate wellness market?

Jim Huether: Fulfilling our mission to help everyone on earth move and live better, we’re focused on reaching people where they typically spend their time most: at work.

By finding creative, daily solutions with innovative technology for employees across all industries, we see an impactful opportunity to change how wellness is valued and structured in the workplace.

How are enterprise partnerships structured and how do you measure success?

JH: We work directly with corporate wellness providers commonly contracted by Fortune 500 companies.

For example, we’ve had a long-standing partnership with Exos. At major companies, Exos coaches are on-site providing the best fitness and wellness solutions for employees.

Just like the athletic trainers who structure the programming for their professional athletes, we integrate our products and expertise with the contractor’s team to optimize the mental and physical wellness of employees.

Will the corporate offering differ from the direct-to-consumer offering?

JH: Yes and no.

At Hyperice, we are creating an effective, physical experience for consumers to reap the benefits of our product. Whether it’s at home or in the office, we are driven to provide the best education for our end consumers.

However, in the corporate setting we have to factor in the unique environment — i.e. employees who travel, hybrid models, and considerations for physically and mentally demanding professions like firefighters,  police, medical professionals, and military.

To do this, we focus on finding a physical space with a recovery room, similar to our installations with professional sports teams. But, specific to the corporate offering, it’s curated to optimize employees’ performance with products like Core for a mindfulness break or Venom Back to help alleviate the back pain that is so common across industries.

Traditional corporate wellness programs have proven ineffective. Why and how is Hyperice better or different from other options?

JH: There is an instant, positive virality that resonates with people once you experience our technology.

Fortunately, the fast, noticeable physiological effect our technology has on the human body (i.e. reducing mental stress and physical pain while increasing alertness and relaxation) is also what has been proven through research, studies, and feedback. With that, we believe Hyperice for corporate wellness is here to stay and expand.

Anything else you’d like readers to know?

JH: Join our Mental Health Alliance and join Core. We are on a mission to have one million minutes of meditation logged on the Core app by 2024, all in the name of reducing debilitating stress.

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