Kohler Acquires German Sauna Maker KLAFS


Kohler wants to turn your bathroom into a wellness spa.

What’s happening: The American kitchen and bath company acquired KLAFS, German manufacturer of saunas and steam baths, from Dutch investment group Egeria.

Founded in 1952, KLAFS’ premium-priced products are in high demand in homes, gyms, and spas across Northern and Western Europe, particularly its S1 space-saving infrared sauna designed for apartments. The company did €135M ($145M) in sales in 2021.

What it means: Better known for its sinks and tubs, Kohler has been moving to capitalize on the wellness craze with solutions in spa, self-care, and recovery.

  • Kohler operates five destination spas with mineral baths, cold plunge, and massage across Wisconsin, Illinois, and Scotland.
  • Last year, it unveiled a “stillness tub” inspired by ritualistic Japanese forest bathing.
  • In January, it debuted Sprig, an aromatherapy line including a shower-mounted infuser.

Most notably, Kohler was also named as a developer in Remedy Place’s Tech-Remedy wellness and recovery products range, which will include ice baths, saunas, cryotherapy, and more.

The KLAFS acquisition, which closes in Q1’24, could propel the partnership, aligning with Remedy’s high-aesthetic products and international ambition.

Red Hot

Increasing property value and member visits, outfitters for at-home and B2B are riding high.

  • DTC and studio sauna outfitter Sunlighten recently launched a smart sauna with set programs for weight loss, cardio, and recovery.
  • Ancient Ritual is taking reservations for its AI-enabled, immersive at-home sauna while hosting invite-only sessions at its LA showroom.
  • Plunge claims to have gone from $270K to $100M in revenue in three years while adding an infrared sauna and fully contained cold plunge this year.

On the large scale, Redwood Outdoors ships prefabbed barrel saunas and cold tubs DTC, while those tight on budget or space are springing for infrared blankets from brands like HigherDOSE.

Looking ahead: From hot/cold contrast therapy to red light therapy and from the spare bedroom to gym to social club, the coming years’ spa experience will be nothing like getting a standard Swedish, instead becoming a home for optimization as much as self-care.

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