Remedy Place Readies At-Home Recovery Tech

Remedy Place

High-end wellness club Remedy Place is set to launch new products for the home.

Be on the lookout: The club’s founder and CEO Dr. Jonathan Leary recently teased a partnership with kitchen and bath manufacturer Kohler, noting a “new era of self-care” coming next year.

Products. Dubbed Tech-Remedy, the brand’s forthcoming product line features a number of high-tech wellness experiences, including ice baths, saunas, cryotherapy and hyperbaric oxygen chambers, and massage devices.

Of note, like its Kohler partnership, Remedy is collaborating with manufacturing partners to release residential and commercial products, as opposed to developing its own tech.

“Sanctuary.” Replicating the wellness club experience at home, the company’s services include installation of a dedicated Remedy Room. Outfitted with Tech-Remedy products, the room is meant to serve as a “sanctuary of self-care.”

Working with developers and selling to individual consumers, the company says demand for its home offerings is high because consumers no longer view recovery and wellness as a luxury but rather as a necessity

Clubbing. After raising $5M last spring, Remedy has also been busy on the physical expansion front — in addition to opening its second location in New York City’s Flatiron District, at least two more locations are in the works, including Miami.

Looking ahead: Whether it’s in a wellness club or at home, more people are seeking out recovery services to feel better in all aspects of life, creating a lucrative market for brands like Remedy Place to meet consumers wherever they are.

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