Longevity Tops List of Reasons to Work Out

Living a longer, healthier life is the top priority for exercise seekers.

Quick fix. For years, the fitness industry promoted short-term goals and unrealistic results. Buying in, consumers bounced from one fad diet or workout trend to the next.

But, that may be a thing of the past.

What’s trending: In 2021, controlling weight was still the #1 reason for working out. Last year, mental/emotional well-being became the focus.

Now, according to Mindbody, longevity has become the core motivator.

  • ~30% of consumers exercise to live a long and healthy life
  • 51% engage in movement that prepares them for everyday life
  • 40% use physical activity to support mental well-being

New routines. With the majority of exercisers preferring low- or moderate-intensity workouts, mindful movement remains popular.

More specifically, half of respondents say stretching and restorative yoga are important to them. Along those lines, recovery protocols, including ice baths, are on the rise.

Smarter workouts. That’s not to say fitness seekers aren’t willing to work harder (boxing was the top booked class type in 2022); many are just starting to work smarter. Those who prefer low-intensity exercise cite relaxation and injury prevention as key benefits.

Looking ahead: From mobility classes and recovery workouts to wellness services, as consumer behavior shifts, expect to see existing gyms/studios diversify their offerings as new concepts emerge.

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