Microplastics Linked to Heart Attack, Premature Death

Microplastics are a major problem.

What’s happening: A study in NEJM correlated the presence of plastic in blood to early death.

  • Microplastics were present in 58% of patients undergoing carotid artery surgery.
  • Those affected were 4.5x more likely for heart attack, stroke, or death post-surgery.

While the research isn’t conclusive, it does raise red flags on the health effects of micro- and nano-size plastics.

Life in Plastic

Providing convenience and affordability, petroleum-based plastic is everywhere. But, its strength is a weakness — it takes hundreds of years to break down.

Worse, as it deteriorates, tiny particles embed in the ground, carry in the wind, and seep into our food and water.

Under the microscope. Experts are beginning to explore the effect of accumulation in the body.

  • Brain-lodged microplastics create behavioral problems and inflammation in mice.
  • Concentrations in fecal matter of IBS patients were significantly higher than standard.
  • Particles were found in every placenta tested, with unknown effects on maternal and fetal health.

A stunning rap sheet, microplastics have been linked to everything from cause and proliferation of cancer to infertility — all with limited research to date.

Looking ahead: We’ve built a toxic environment. While regulators wring their hands, conscious consumers must navigate a minefield to satisfy basic human needs — meaning fresh air, clean water, and safe ingestibles will sadly become premium products.

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