Parsley Health Introduces Women’s Health Program

Parsley Health

Parsley Health is putting women’s well-being at the center of its platform.

The latest: The primary care provider unveiled a new women’s health program, uniting medical care and health coaching within a “virtual homebase.”

Designed to support the full spectrum of services women need, the initiative takes a holistic approach to addressing common chronic conditions and comorbidities in addition to reproductive health and menopause care.

The program is now available to self-insured employers and plan sponsors nationwide.

Closing the gap. According to founder and CEO Dr. Robin Berzin, the traditional healthcare system is failing women, amplifies costs for employers while stifling health outcomes and professional advancement:

“Women make up 60% of the workforce, and their inability to access comprehensive health services designed for their needs drives up employers’ healthcare costs and can prevent top talent from reaching their professional potentials.”

This latest effort builds on Parsley’s 2022 introduction of comprehensive menopause care, a service that included personalized, patient-specific interventions.

Punchline: Pairing technology with holistic care and employer sponsorship, Parsley aims to support women in achieving optimal health while thriving in all facets of life.

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