Peloton Strikes Content Deal With TikTok


The digital fitness company is widening its target with new content.

The latest: Peloton will power the social media platform’s new fitness hub, #TikTokFitness, tapping Gen Z to add subscribers.

A mix of short-form workouts, live classes, and bonus footage from instructors, influencers, and celebrities will be available within the app — marking the first time Peloton has produced custom content outside its owned network.

Shares spiked 14% when the deal was announced, but its true value will be determined by how many social followers convert to paying customers.

Fitness for all. Stacking partnerships, Peloton’s reaching users across hotels, colleges, sports leagues, and corporate wellness.

Late last year, it also teamed with lululemon — becoming the apparel brand’s exclusive digital fitness provider while absorbing offloaded MIRROR users.

Exercise snacks. Creating shareable fitness content for the younger demo, Peloton promises to influence “culture, communities and conversations.”

If it strikes the right tone, #TikTokFitness could be a viral way to get more people moving — delivering bite-sized workouts to help users kick off their health journeys.

Punchline: Prioritizing content over hardware, Peloton is rebranding around accessibility and aiming to exist for anyone, anytime, anywhere. But, it’s a steep shift for an equipment maker that built its name on exclusivity.

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