Peloton Plans to Launch Video Game Content

Peloton is getting into gaming.

According to The Verge, the smart bike maker will debut a video-game-inspired workout called Lanebreak. In contrast to its instructor-led classes, and encroaching on Zwift’s territory, users pedal to control an on-screen wheel.

Detailing the company’s strategy, David Packles, Peloton’s senior director of product on Lanebreak, said

Content, specifically our instructor-led content, is the heart of Peloton. We continue to lean on that to push us forward, but the reality is that people want variety… We’ve always wondered, ‘Is that it? What other formats could we actually experiment with?’

The music-based experience will undergo a members-only beta test later this year, with an official launch set for 2022.

Fitness 3.0

As we detailed in Issue No. 131, Fitness 3.0, more and more, the future of fitness looks like a game.

1.0. Jane Fonda, Bowflex, P90X

2.0. Connected hardware, live/on-demand classes

3.0. Fitness is a game

To date, Peloton has played into the exertainment trend, while relying on charismatic instructors to motivate riders.

Now, following in the footsteps of gaming-focused companies like Zwift, Ergatta, and Supernatural, Peloton is eyeing a larger opportunity in interactive content.

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